This holiday season when you are trying to figure out gifts to get other people, there are a few houseware gift ideas that you might not have thought of as being the most popular and things maybe some people did not even know existed or never heard of or tried before, but they will love them once they use them.

The first is the air fryer.  I cannot say enough about air fryers.  I absolutely love mine.  Getting the crispy deep fried look and taste without all the oil is wonderful.  I would have never believed it if I did not take a leap of faith and just get one.  I could not believe how delicious things were using little to no oil.  On most frozen things like french fries and onion rings I do not even spray oil and it still comes out crispy and delicious.  The thing about the air fryer though is that you can pretty much cook anything in it.  I did a London broil in  it.  You would never deep fry a London broil, at least I have never heard of such a thing, but that London broil was the juiciest one I had ever tasted in my life and now I will not cook a London broil any other way.  Same with the oven roaster chickens. One will never be in my oven again after I tasted it in the air fryer.


For those especially in apartments, a portable electric dryer is a Godsend.  I cannot tell you how many times I spilled something on my shirt or my child forgot to tell me they needed something washed and needed it right away or my baby got sick on something.  I cannot just run to the laundromat and drop everything when I need something, especially when I need it fairly quickly.  I can easily wash out the stain or soak something quickly to clean it by hand, but the problem is drying takes forever.  Not having a washing machine is not that big of a deal because I can do it by hand, but not having a dryer is a problem.  This takes care of that and allows me to dry anything whenever I need to.  Clothes damp from the rain? I can dry it easily.  Don't feel like ironing? I throw it in the dryer and the wrinkles disappear (yes I am lazy but it works).

Lastly is for any budding chefs out there.  It is a bit technical so will not be for just anyone like the above gift ideas, but if you know someone who loves to cook then this just might be something you can get them that will increase their culinary skill set.  The Sous Vide Precision Cooker works with any pot you have and comes with bags.  Apparently Sous Vide is a way to cook in a water bath at a precise temperature which is supposed to make things more flavorful and reduces the risks of overcooking something.  That is something I can definitely use since I tend to “forget” about things and then jump up and pray I did not dry something out or overcook it.

This holiday season check out the above gift ideas and see if somebody could benefit from them!

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