Have you been looking for a permanent solution to your outdoor signage challenge? Flex prints tend to take a lot of wind damage, foam boards are fragile compared to other printing solutions, and PVC printing loses sheen and vibrancy over time. The more you get to know about the traditional sign options and materials for businesses, the more you realize the different problems each one of them poses. Cast metal letters are a unique breed of signage solutions that are resilient to weather challenges, and they withstand light, heat, cold, wind and rain with bravado. They look just as good advertising your restaurant or business as they do when being used for sports stadium wayfinding signage. Most importantly, the flat metal letterings are easy to install. It can take you less than a couple of hours to put up your shop or service name using these weather-resistant metal signage.

What are customized cast metal signs?  

Casting metal for signs might not be as simple as making a foam board sign. They require melting, molding, and polishing. Cast metal letterings are different from cut metal lettering. The latter is solid metal letters that are heavier and more difficult to install than cast metal letters. These molds are not handmade, but precision cut using state of the art machinery. That results in perfectly shaped, hollow back and light lettering that is simple to install and handle. Computer programming controls these machines. Therefore, creating perfect logos and font types is relatively straightforward using the cast metal technique. This process' aptitude for perfection and cost-effectiveness makes it ideal for business signage solutions. A lot of individuals also opt for cast metal lettering for their personalized name plaques for their apartment doors.

What are the different varieties of cast metal signs?

Just like solid metal lettering, cast metal letters can consist of several metals and alloys. You can pick anyone depending on your unique needs. The sheer variety of metal types and their finishes ensure that your business stands out from the competition.  

Aluminum cast letters: these are best-suited for business marketing. Aluminum is a light metal that can sit well on plywood, softwood, and concrete walls. Hollow aluminum cast letters provide enough depth for saving your cash, yet making your presence conspicuous.

Bronze metal lettering: bronze is costly and cutting letters out of solid bronze can rip a hole through the pocket of your fine business suit. Cast metal letters using bronze will be hollow on the back with a thin layer of the metal replicating the elegance and gravitas of massive bronze signs. You can hang bronze logos, charms and name plaques from your office door, or put up giant metal lettering right on top of your shop entrance.

Steel cast metal signs: steel is lighter than a lot of metals, but rust-proof steel is costly. What if, you could avail the same marketing perks of using a cut metal steel sign at almost half the price? You need to check out cast metal signs in steel to find out the different pocket-friendly rates of the process. The finishes are plenty. You can choose from resplendent metallic to hammered grunge, to complete the feel of your brand.

Letters with a halo effect: these are cool and post-modern in every way. The hollow letters come with LED inserts into the hollow back to create the halo effect. Using a spacer reinforces the 3-dimensional halo effect even more. Once you go with premium letting like this, you will not have to worry much about your office interior décor. It is a hot favorite of corporate offices and new startups.

Business owners, individuals, and other customers often worry about the font face and font size of the metal cast lettering. Most graphic design and digital designing companies have a rich cornucopia of familiar and uncommon fonts you can pick. You can check out the end result, and that will help you find out which signage cast lettering is perfect for your brand image. Using metal letters instead of commercial backlit signs or LCD signage speaks a lot about the owner of the establishment and the type of the business. That is why you should always think before you pick a style and size for your business sign.

Why do businesses choose metal cast letter designs for their signage?

Easy to customize and personalize: In fact, metal cast lettering is probably more flexible than your imagination. Business owners require letters that are as small as 1-inch for creating personalized nameplates for their employees or eclectic interior décor. Many churches opt for metal lettering for their scripture verses or inspirational messages that you can usually find behind the pulpits. You can jazz up any place and add a splash of style with these multifarious cast metal signs. Ask for the individual spacers along with these metal letters to add a drop-shadow, 3-dimensional effect. The letters will appear to float off the wall slightly.

Easy to install: Unlike most flex prints and conventional forms of adverts, you will not require professional assistance with the installation of the metal signs. Unless you have to climb on top of a treacherous parapet, you can complete the installation process without any fuss. Whether it is a Lilliputian sign or the goliath of all signs, you can install them by yourself.

Multiple installation options: They come with stud mount, top stud or bottom stud options. Alternatively, you can choose between a cast single rail, cast double rail, cast top rail, cast bottom rail and cast bottom angle bracket during the design process to allow efficient installation. You can put them up on your home drywall, exterior brick façade, stone walls, stucco finish, wooden partition inside office or metal siding. To keep the process neat and error-free, ask for paper installation templates. An experienced metal cast letter designing company always provides installation guidance like this to their customers.

Always order for cast metal lettering and signs with about two weeks in hand. The process involves creating personalized molds for the particular font style and size you pick. The logos take additional attention and effort on the part of the designer. Rush orders can compromise the quality of cast metal letters unless you have an expert team of designers, who know their way around the pertinent machinery and programming.

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