How Church Leaders Can Get Better At Leadership


Being a church leader is an immense responsibility because you shape the faith and values of disciples. You must do your best to create the best environment possible. But engaging the community requires more than valuable information and content. You have to prepare your heart and mind for good leadership, and it is easier said than done. Further, you must review your plans and prepare for the questions during discussions. Here are some ways to become better at leadership as a church leader. 

Gear up with daily praying

Prayer is the primary spiritual discipline for every follower of Jesus, and it is even more crucial for a church leader. It helps you in more than one way, from facilitating worship and adoration to strengthening your call to obedience. With prayer, you can steer clear of temptation and experience the power of forgiveness. Praying prepares your heart for leading a transformational group time. So make sure you spend a part of your day on this practice. 

Do a mental walkthrough before addressing your group

Taking a walkthrough before addressing your group makes you a more confident leader when you actually lead people. Gather your script with elements like primary points, summary, or a list of questions, and play them with your group in mind.  Try answering questions and addressing concerns that people may raise during the discussion. Taking a few minutes for the practices prepares you better for creating the best group experience. To have a look at what you might need as a church leader for your teachings, you can use free church resources or go to websites like Grow Curriculum, which will help to improve your skills.

Get formal discipleship training 

Church leaders play the mentorship role when it comes to extending the outreach and making more disciples in the community. You can opt for a specialized discipleship training program to become a wise mentor for your followers. Look for a program that empowers you with relevant skills, tools, and strategies to lead people on the right path. A little effort in developing yourself can take you on the road to success.

Set the stage for the next discussions

Great leaders are good at engagement, and they keep the group hooked by setting the stage for the next discussions. As you wrap up speeches, make sure you leave a clue for the next time. It will create curiosity among followers, and they look forward to coming back for more. When you set the stage, pay extra attention to speaking about the most relevant aspects of the topic to get the genuine interest of the audience. 

Stay in touch with your followers

Church leaders can go a notch higher with leadership by always staying in touch with the followers. Consider measures like group texts and emails to connect with large groups in between discussions and meetings. This way, you will be in the mind of the disciples at all times. It is equally crucial to be available and accessible when they want to connect with you at any point. The intention of being there goes a long way in fostering trust and credibility. 

Becoming a great church leader is easy, provided you are willing to invest effort. Prepare your mind, focus on genuine connections, and prioritize good guidance. 

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