The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine have made adjustments to the familiar system of human consumption. Sales of previously popular products are falling, but other products are being bought much better. Let's see what are the main trends in trade in 2020 and which products have become the most sought recently.

TOP items for which demand has grown during the pandemic

Food (including prepared meals)

The volume of the e-grocery market in 2019 exceeded the mark of $ 390 million. If in 2019 people ordered products online with convenient delivery for their sake, then in 2020 this is an important measure necessary for life. It is convenient, practical, safe, and very relevant.

Homeware, summer cottages and repairs

The DIY category is considered by experts as one of the most promising niches on the market, and after the announcement of quarantine in the world, explosive growth in demand for goods for repair and home improvement was noted.


According to the retailer, people forced to sit at home ordered building materials, paints, tools, hardware, and items for home decor. The interest in these products is explained by the fact that many buyers postponed the purchase of new housing due to the crisis and are updating existing ones.

Children's products

The demand for baby products in the online space is growing every year. According to the study, in 2019 online stores of children's goods placed 39% more orders than in 2018.

Here the crisis does not affect demand – people do not save on children. And now, under quarantine conditions, it is more important than ever to supply a child with everything necessary in order to pass the time without walking.


Especially popular is baby food. It is bought 6.7 times more often than usual. Sales of diapers grew three times, while products for feeding and caring for a child are interested in 2.8 times more often. The top five best-selling goods also included toys, clothes, and shoes.


In Eastern Europe, the demand for cars has grown significantly. Only in the first week of quarantine, sales of new cars increased by 74% compared to the previous week. The reason for the shopping boom was a partial stop of public transport and the difficulties encountered with movement during rush hour. In addition, people strive to protect themselves as much as possible from contacts with other people and therefore refuse to visit places of large crowds. Those who wanted to transfer to their own car began to pass exams for obtaining a driver’s license actively. For example, the Zutobi App offers to pass the test for obtaining driver’s documents directly online.


Country estate

Demand for the purchase of country houses has noticeably revived. The premium sector showed the greatest growth: according to Knight Frank, in April the number of requests for the purchase of cottages increased by 27%. Many wealthy clients refused summer trips abroad and chose to spend the summer at their own home.


At the same time, budget lots with minimal amenities are also popular. In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people want to live in the country, in the fresh air. The population began to take care of their health and the health of loved ones. In the current situation, buyers give preference to ready-made houses in order to immediately move and live.

TV boom

Quarantine caused a change in consumer habits in interaction with the media.

This year, in the first week of quarantine, it was possible not only to overcome the seasonal drop in television viewing but also to increase it by an average of 30 minutes a day

Online courses and games

In addition to watching television broadcasts, people are also actively having fun and developing. As many platforms opened up access to educational content, netizens began to show interest in online courses, learning foreign languages, and listening to podcasts.

In addition to education, all kinds of games are in great demand, not only online, but also board games. This fact is also confirmed by the growth in sales on marketplaces.

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