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Long Distance lamps, sometimes affectionately called friendship lights or friend lamps, are one of the best gifts for any long-distance relationship. Consider buying one for your elder parents, children who went away to study, pen pals from other states, or your twin flame who is not with you at the moment. It is a great way to keep in touch, show your affection and offer emotional support.

How Does a Long Distance Touch Lamp Work

The world is moving fast, burying us under a mountain of everyday tasks. Staying connected with your loved ones feels like a neglected chore. We can hit our long-distance friends on social media from time to time or even give them a call. But when it comes to our parents or friends who are not into texting and don't spend a lot of time on social networks, we often feel stumped.

We forget to call, then we feel guilty. Our sense of guilt in turn prevents us from calling or writing a letter. It's a harmful downward spiral that can ruin even the healthiest relationships. A great way to keep in touch with your most significant others is buying a set of long-distance lamps.

But how do Long Distance lamps work, you might ask. And how exactly are they going to help maintain a healthy long-distance relationship?

  • An LED friendship lamp lights up when you touch it.
  • You can change its color to better represent your mood.
  • A friendship lamp uses a Wi-Fi connection to transmit or receive a signal.
  • When you touch your lamp, a second one, that you gifted to somebody you love, lights up.
  • People can literally see when you are thinking about them. It's cute and romantic.
  • Long Distance lamps work anyplace in the world with an Internet connection.
  • The source lamp transmits a unique code to the target lamp. You can be sure that your message will be received by the right person.
  • If you have a lot of relatives and friends around the globe, you can gift them multiple lamps. There's no limit to how many of them can be linked together.

How Wi-Fi Lamps Work: The Setup Guide

After you've bought a friendship lamp, check the box. It should have the lamp itself, a MicroUSB charger cable, and a setup guide. Setting up the lamp is fairly easy.

  1. Plug the lamp into a wall socket or a USB power source.
  2. Connect the lamp to a Wi-Fi network the same way you would connect any other device.
  3. Your lamp network Group ID is provided to you by the seller (check your email).
  4. If you experience any troubles, refer to the setup guide.

Long Distance Lamps: How Do They Work After Being Set Up

Your friendship lamp should work fine even if you disconnect it from the power source from time to time. Other lamps are set up using the same Group ID. As long as you or your loved ones don't reset the Wi-Fi router, the connection will work. An even if you reset the Wi-Fi connection, just go through the same setup process again.

Operating the lamp is easy. Touch and hold the sensor plate to select the color that represents you, while the lamp cycles through different colors. The color is set when you remove your hand from the sensor plate. Now anytime you press the lamp, other lamps in your network will change to your color. And other people can press their lamps to send you their “callsign”.

How Do Long Distance Lights Work for Different Groups of People?

  • Friends, pen-pals, BFFs — lamps can serve as a testament to your friendship.
  • Couples, partners, lovers — lamps add emotions to a long-distance relationship.
  • Elderly parents and relatives — prevent loneliness and show how much you care about them.
  • Children away at school/college — a cool, sensible gift for younger generations.
  • Grandchildren and grandparents — kids love to use colors to communicate with their gran-grans.
  • Military families — send your much-needed love and affection to a person defending the country.

If you still have questions about how does a long distance lamp work, please feel free to contact our customer support.

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