How do Slots Sites Decide on Which Game Slots Spins will go?

While browsing for online offers on your favourite sites you might feel like a child in a funfair. Flashing offers all around and none of them stay promoted for too long – a cycle of change is in place.

Have you ever found yourself taken aback to find out that your tired, tested and approved free spin offer has been replaced by a new one? Fortunately or not, that is the way it goes on the merry-go-around that is online KingCasino slots. Better hang on tight!

But what could be the determining factors on which the free spin offers are made? In this article we will cover the factors at play and how to judge them efficiently.

A dynamic, rapidly evolving industry

It is very important to remember that casinos, just like any other business, have to answer to someone about their results, about what works and what is better off scrapped. Due to this the all around offer of games and bonuses is ever-changing. With new features and games coming in on a regular basis, they might push out the older ones. On the contrary, the systematically popular, classic games might not leave any space for new, innovating developments which ask the player to venture into the unknown.

New technology PR

What’s better than a fresh, industry leading new game? Nothing, in the eyes of developers and their colleagues. New games are always welcomed by casinos with arms wide open. It is often seen as a breath of fresh air and a potentially popular new venture. These new games are bound to be promoted and tied to various bonus offers, so the customers would have a chance to try them out. Perhaps that is the driving factor when choosing which software to promote. The newest slot innovation in the last year include:

  •         Infinity reels
  •         Megaclusters
  •         Megasquads
  •         Growing of the jackpot king saga

Even the odds

Some people prefer to choose the games they like by their statistics: numbers like RTP, game volatility and variance could be some of the reasons. Casino sites prefer to have a range of different games. Having an option for anyone means their websites have to be filled with a range of contrasting games, often from a range of developers, with a range of features.

Sometimes a decision on whether to have a certain game on the menu is made solely on whether it fits in with the design and the message of the company. Maybe the games graphics no longer hold up with it’s newer, more technologically advanced, faster acting counterparts?

How to know which offers are profitable?

When it comes to choosing which offer to go for, you simply cannot know. Just like playing the slots, the luck might be around the corner or not. If you don’t have a specific type of game you like, it might be wise to use whatever is on offer to try a range of games. If you have set yourself a “ceiling” for your spending, you could profit if you go for the offer that provides the most cash bonus. In the end it’s all down to your individual approach, your intuition and as always, enjoying the game!

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