How Do We Benefit From Having Pets?

Do you like pets? Do you have a pet? Millions of people are crazy about their pets.

When I told people that we should get a pet I was mainly expecting them to tell me I was crazy. Instead, they laughed. In fact, they thought it was a marvelous idea. They said that pets make us happier and more energetic, have the ability to give us back the childhood we have all lost, can help keep us healthy and provide endless fun. And best of all practically everyone agrees on one thing: there is nothing in this world better than playing with pets.


Traveling is one of the most exciting activities. However, there are some specific problems that can spoil this pleasure. These problems have nothing to do with planes or ports, but with animals. Here are 5 ways of how we benefit from having pets:


1) Disease prevention and Combats Anxiety


People who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety get lots of benefits from keeping pets at home. Dogs can be particularly useful because they are easy to train and they can provide real support in stressful situations. If your dog is used to traveling, it will be easier for you to take it with you when traveling by plane or by car.


People who own pets tend to live longer than those who don't. This is because animal lovers tend to be more active and exercise more than people who don't have dogs or cats. Studies have shown that pet owners live an average of 2 years longer than those who don't own pets.


When it comes to health care costs, pets can actually be better than humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dogs can detect oncoming seizures or warn their owners if they sense an irregular heartbeat. Cats can even detect cancer in their owner's bodies before it's detectable through standard medical tests.


2) Pets make people feel wanted and needed. 


Having a pet or any kind of animal  means that you are responsible for someone else's life and this feeling can be very pleasant and satisfying.  Owning a pet is like having and supporting a  best friend. Pets offer unconditional love, comfort, support,  and companionship to their owners. They are always there for us and it feels good to be needed by someone. Having a pet helps us feel less lonely sometimes and it's an opportunity to develop a strong bond with someone who will never leave us.


Companionship can help avoid sickness and possibly add years to your life, whereas hopelessness can provoke anxiety and depression. Loving for a pet can allow you to feel desired and loved while diverting your attention away from your troubles, especially those who live independently. Several dog and cat parents communicate with their companions, and even utilize them to get over problems. Returning home to a wagging tail or purring cat beats sadness every time.


3) Pets teach us how to love unconditionally.


Being in love with someone who feels the same way about us is a straightforward process. Being able to love an animal that is unable to express its emotions is a lot more challenging, but it is also far more gratifying since it teaches us how to love other humans more effectively as a result.


4) Pet owners live longer and lead healthier lives.


Pets can help you live a healthier, longer life! According to research, animals or any kind of  pets  can positively influence aspects that contribute to longevity, such as stress reduction, cardiovascular disease resistance, and linking us to a web of mutual support.


A study by Kansas State University found that people with pets have lower blood pressure levels than those without pets. And cats are especially good for your heart — petting a cat reduces stress-induced spikes in blood pressure and heart rate, according to a study published in “The Journal of the American Medical Association.”


Because of these health benefits, more than half of all U.S. employers offer some form of pet insurance as an employee benefit. Other businesses have begun offering discounts for customers who bring their pets along when they stop by for hospital and even clinic visits!


5) Pets teach us to be responsible


Pets teach us to be responsible. Pets need to be fed, walked and housed. If we are not responsible for them, they suffer. This teaches children the importance of taking care of something living and not leaving it to fend for itself.


Having a pet teaches us, if indirectly, to be responsible for ourselves. If we are lazy and not willing to give up watching TV, then the dog is going to suffer because it will get less attention from us. If we don't want to take our cat to the vet when it needs some treatment then it's the cat that is going to suffer in pain. Pets are good for our character development and how we interact with others.


Although pets are considered property in the eyes of the law, our pets are still living, breathing creatures that need love and affection. These are qualities that make up a good parent or guardian, which may be why pets have been shown to help children grow into more empathetic and caring adults.


Having pets around our home means a lot of different things for each person. Some people have pets for security purposes, others for company, some for enjoyment and others even for stress relief. No matter what kind of pet you have, they are important and need to be loved. 


Pets are really important to us people not only because we want to play with them, or because of the health benefits they bring or enjoy their company, but also for the opportunity for us to take care of a living creature. Taking care of our pets is not just about how we can give them the best food ever, or play with them or just keep them healthy. It's about creating a bond that's hard to compare with anything else. We nurture that bond because ultimately, it's our own love and affection that makes it possible for us to be able to actually feel the difference between having a pet and being alone at home or out on the streets.


In any case, most people could use at least one kind of pet to improve the overall quality of their lives. You wouldn’t need to feel lonely any more if you have a pet by your side. You will also feel much better about yourself and even experience a lot of other benefits that we discussed in this article earlier.

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