A lot of relationships have ups and downs; that is one of the things that makes them stronger. Real relationships are not like the ones seen in romantic comedies, where everything falls into place and everyone knows exactly what to say. Things take time, and not everything is done perfectly; they require work and effort. Yet, if it is a healthy relationship, the work and effort put in should not feel like a burden in any way. Below are several points that identify whether or not you are in a healthy relationship.

Mutual Trust and Respect

Two of the pillars of love are trust and respect. When you love someone truly, with all of your heart, you trust that they will not break your trust given the respect and love they have for you. Even if you or your partner gets a little jealous or insecure, it should be playful rather than overbearing.


Communication is a must in all relationships, whether platonic or romantic. It is near impossible that those around you understand your needs and desires without communicating them in some way. Voicing what you want or what you dislike is one of the most essential steps that must be taken to create a healthy relationship. When your partner does something that bothers you, discussing the issue with them may let them understand your point of view and show them why they should not act that way again.  Strike intelligent conversations or flirt with your taurus man through texting


Many people say that only opposites attract, and many, ironically, say the complete opposite. Whether you and your partner are exactly alike or have many differences, you need to be compatible. There needs to be some sort of flow between both of you that inevitably makes both your lives easier. One way to see whether you are compatible or not is through you and your partner’s horoscopes. There are many links online that give you compatibility ratings of two horoscopes in terms of communication, love, intimacy, and so on. On the off chance you have met someone you are compatible with but do not know how to communicate with them properly, there are also ways in which you can try to win them back over. There are ways on how to get a cancer man back, especially if both of your horoscopes match. There are also ways to get back with all Zodiac signs if a compatibility test is taken and they pass.

Identification of Church and State

The idea of church and state does not have to be solely based on religion. Colloquially, it is used to create a separation of two entities in a relationship. For instance, if the two people in the relationship also happen to work together, their issues at work should not affect their lives at home and vice versa. In this instance, it is used to identify the idea of having separate lives from each other, while staying harmoniously in the relationship. Each person must have their separate lives that do not directly affect the relationship.

Make Each Other Happy

The person you are with needs to be your best friend. They need to be your go-to person when something, anything, goes wrong. They also need to be your comfort zone because unless it’s a mere fling, you are in this relationship for the long haul. This means that eventually you will live together and experience most events together. If you are bored with the other person or are constantly upset, then what is the point? Many experts say that relationships should be 80% good and 20% bad, and not just good as in “tolerable.” You need to feel genuine happiness with the person or it will become toxic and drain you.



There are a ton of factors that contribute to knowing whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. The number one factor that will identify an unhealthy relationship is violence or abuse. There are several types of violence and abuse, besides physical, that are extremely detrimental. For instance, emotional abuse is one characteristic of an extremely unhealthy relationship. This can be seen through dismissiveness, embarrassment, belittling, ignoring, and so on. Knowing the person you are with and understanding their mannerisms and behavior is one of the key aspects of a healthy relationship. Keep on the lookout for red flags and warning signs, after all you want to stay in a relationship that you enjoy without thinking of it as a burden.




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