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How Do You Know If You Have Found Reliable Drain Unblocking Services in Hertfordshire?



Unfortunately, when it comes to home services, there are a lot of cowboys out there. You have to be careful of the companies you pay since there are people that just want to take your money. Unskilled and inexperienced engineers can even cause more damage, which could cost you a lot of money to repair later on.


If you have discovered that you have a blocked drain, you are going to start to search for a drainage company to take care of the problem. But, how do you know if you have found reliable professionals or disguised cowboys? Here are some signs you have found a respectful and trustworthy company.


The Team is Trained


When you have a blockage, you want to make sure that the team you are hiring have a lot of training and experience. Reliable companies know this and they make sure that they detail their team’s training and qualifications on their website for you to find. For example, FS Drainage shares that their engineers have all of the latest drain jetting equipment and have a lot of training with the Water Jetting Association. You can read more about their drain unblocking services here. Having this type of information puts your mind and ease and you have the reassurance that the team know what they are doing. Unprofessional companies will not mention these details and simply entice you with cheap prices.


There is A lot of Communication


A good drainage company is going to keep you informed every step of the way. This is going to include when you contact them to the day you can expect the drainage services. In particular, professional companies will have fast response times so that you know where you stand. There might be emergency services, which allow you to get the problem dealt with quickly. If you notice that there are not a lot of details about communication or appointments on the website, this might be a company to avoid.


There Will Be Good Reviews


One thing to remember is that most customers will not lie. In other words, if they have had a bad experience with a company, they are going to let everyone know about it. So, this means that you should pay attention to customer reviews when you want to find a reliable drain unblocking service in Hertfordshire. A professional company is going to get five stars from their customers, as well as positive feedback. Make sure that you take a look at their website, as well as independent review sites.


Should you read customer reviews with a pinch of salt? Yes, sometimes you should. If you notice some negative reviews, read them and see what a customer has to say. People can be unreasonable and if it is an isolated review, this might have been a one-off issue. But, if you notice the same type of negative reviews, you may be onto something. Alternatively, if there are no reviews, the company might be cowboys.


The Company Offers a Guarantee


When you are searching for a company to use for drain unblocking, look out for guarantees. This is a sign that they have a responsible team. Why is a guarantee important? Of course, if there is an issue, you are not going to have to pay out more money. The company is willing to be professional and fix anything that they have missed. But, a guarantee can also show that a company believes in their service. In other words, they do not expect anything to go wrong. They have faith in their experienced team but they will help you if you have an issue. The team is not just taking your money and running. Most reliable companies will offer a guarantee and the longer it is the better.  


They Offer Fixed Price Quotes


Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are only after your money. They will do anything they can to raise your bill and make you pay more for their service. Often, they entice you with low prices on their website and then when it comes to the work, they bring in a lot of other charges.


In order to stop this from happening with drainage services, look for a company that offers fixed price quotes. This means that they are going to tell you a price before the work and this is not going to change. This avoids being charged more later on. Respectable companies offer fixed price quotes without a problem and you can enjoy peace of mind.

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