How does squirting happen when having sex?



Is squirting real, or is it just a myth? The simple answer is yes! It’s real. However, there are several misconceptions of what squirt is and what it is not, and it’s essential that we understand these differences before we can fully establish what the concept of squirting is and what it is not. Are you wondering why you don’t squirt or why you squirt, and your friend doesn’t? You should read this content to the end to answer all of your questions and have your doubts cleared. 

Before squirt comes the concept of orgasm, and achieving orgasm is the peak of sexual intercourse. So, in men, it is regarded as the process of ejaculation. However, it’s a little complicated in females because not all females ejaculate while having an orgasm. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that ejaculation and squirting are also possible for women. The trick, however, is understanding that direct stimulation of the clitoris, which houses the G-spot, causes ejaculation and could result in squirting. 

It might be somewhat difficult for you to stimulate the clitoris while having sex with your partner, especially in some positions. However, if you want her to enjoy the sex more than you do, or you’d want her to ejaculate and, if possible, squirt, you should add foreplay to the sex as foreplay goes a long way in making a woman orgasm. It should be noted that for a woman to enjoy sex or ejaculate, she needs to be well relaxed and always bear in mind that if she’s the type that ejaculates, you should make preparations for that before it happens. 

How do you make her squirt?

As explained earlier, squirting doesn’t happen like normal ejaculation in men. It might take an extra effort, like adding foreplay to the sex in women. So, before and during the sex, you should always add foreplay as it helps to keep her boy in intense sex positions. According to cam girls on live squirt cams, it’s impossible to make a lady squirt from just foreplay and oral sex. When done right, oral sex and the stimulation of the clitoris and the g-spot with the tongue could give intense pleasure such that she’ll squirt so hard. 

Another means of making her squirt is paying attention to her body and the sex. Most times, most men are so filled with the thought of them ejaculating that they forget they need to make the lady ejaculate as well. So, while having sex, always remember that it’s a two-person activity, and as much as you want to enjoy the intercourse, she wants to enjoy it too. One of the means of ensuring she does is by giving her multiple orgasms and, if possible, making her squirt as she has never done. If you need her to squirt faster, you should dedicate most of the attention to her clitoris. If possible, you could introduce a sex toy, a vibrator, or a dildo to add more pleasure and keep her clitoris and vagina wet. With this, the stimulation of the clitoris through the g-spot is going to be so much intense that she’d probably have to squirt on you unknowingly. 

What is squirt?

Don’t be confused; squirt is not the same as pee. Although there have been several assumptions and misconceptions that squirt is pee. While it’s not true, they aren’t entirely wrong as well. Squirt is the combination of urine and other lubricating fluid. So, the combination of these two comes out as squirt and majorly comes out just like the urine does, but it’s not entirely urine. 

So, squirt in women could be compared to pre-cum in women. Nonetheless, it is important to note that there’s nothing wrong if you’ve never squirted or if you’ve never made a woman squirt before. Squirting doesn’t happen in all ladies, so there’s no need for you to be concerned if you don’t squirt or your partner hasn’t made you yet. However, if you often squirt, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your body; it’s just how your body chooses to respond to the sex. Most times, it’s an added advantage to the sex, as it might serve as lubrication and an indication that orgasm is on its way. 

Hence, the concept of squirting and orgasm needs to be understood, as there are quite a number of misconceptions flying around on the internet. However, if you visit live squirt cams regularly, you’d get to understand some of these concepts better from cam girls. You’d be surprised at how much you think you know but doesn’t. Most times, it’s all misconceptions of information

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