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How Does Your Roof Affect Curb Appeal?

How Does Your Roof Affect Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal simply refers to a home’s exterior appearance. You may think of curb appeal as the obvious aesthetics outside of your home, such as healthy greenery, windows, shutters, doors, and even the paint color. But what about your roof?

At first glance, a roof may not be the house feature that draws your utmost attention, but it’s one of the most important aspects of any home. Your roof substantially comprises your home’s external structure, and it’s among the most visible features. The safety and attractiveness a roof provides contributes to its true underlying value for all to see.

The Vital Value of Curb Appeal

People see the world through their own filters, but there’s no denying the distinct appeal of a beautiful exterior for a home. In all likelihood, homeowners care about their homes’ image on the inside and outside. How does your roof affect curb appeal? Any homeowner looking to revamp or boost their home’s exterior aesthetic must realize the presence of an aesthetically pleasing roof can directly affect current and future house values.

The True Character of a Home

Picture this: a new episode of House Hunters plays on HGTV. A potential buyer arrives at a house, excited to see if this is the very one that could be their next home. As the camera zooms in closer, their face paints a clear picture of dissatisfaction: they’re not initially impressed. The inside of a house truly counts as a home, but the outside also signifies an inviting curb appeal, and first impressions are everything. You should make it count.

The Variety of Roofing Materials & Designs

The roof is more than just a protective component of a home. It also creates character and relates to a home’s encompassing charm. A good roof advocates well for the homeowner. It’s on display in the present, but it’s also an investment for the future. The style of a roof is based on the home’s design, but the real trend lives among the nuts and bolts: the very materials from which it’s made.

A multitude of material options exists for your choice in roofing. You must closely weigh the available options in choosing a material that’s right for your needs and desires. Each material has the potential to provide a different image to homeowners, neighbors, and potential buyers alike. In short, the construction material you choose for your roof also affects curb appeal.

There are traditional options such as rolled roofing, wood shingles—which are attractive but not as long-living—and asphalt shingles, which are the most popular choice for roofing used throughout North America. An excellent choice for longevity and appearance is metal roofing. There are different types of metal roofing to choose from. Bonus: each metal is affordable and eco-friendly.

Selecting the appropriate roofing material for your home requires careful consideration of its overall presentation and design structure alongside long-term cost-effectiveness and durability. A new roof may not be on the very top of your remodeling list, but it should be a strong consideration for improving your home’s curb appeal.