About 50% of the Americans trade in stocks at the moment. The percentage of Gen Z operating in stock markets in lesser than that of baby boomers and millennials, but the number is in the millions. That also means that millions of others do not engage in stock trading since they believe it to be too risky. Since the 2009 debacle, a lot of traders have closed shop, and several brokerage firms have gone kaput. However, the genesis of online trading has also given homemakers and students to try their luck in the share market. Using the etoro review can help you, with all you need. 

Why should any investor consider shifting to an online platform?

As a new group of traders have come into the market, new trends in stock preferences have also emerged. One of the most noticeable features of modern stock trading includes the popularity of Canadian stocks among the US-based traders. Since Canada is a prosperous country with an abundance of natural resources, the finance, energy and materials shares attract significant investments from new and veteran traders. Online investing Canada is secure, more rewarding and easy for traders of all experience levels.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider investing in the Canadian stock market this season –


  • It is accessible and easy


Online investing options are plenty, and there are multiple applications across a variety of devices that can assist you in the process.

Self-directed investing: it is when you work on an online platform that gives you the software resources you need to manage your trading portfolio. At the same time, these portals offer you access to the current stock market.

Portfolio management services: you can think of these as automated or “robo” services that give you a trading portfolio based on questionnaires. The deciding factors include risk tolerance and investment objectives that a professional manager handles via portal communication.


  • It is not expensive


Opening a trade account and working with a financial institution to operate in the market takes money. Sometimes, it can take upwards of 1000 USD, and that does not include the taxes you may have to pay for investing in large-cap companies. Online trading takes away the associated costs and enables small-time investors to take a plunge. Since it requires significantly less time meeting with experts, the consultation fees, processing fee and other charges are low. Most of the trades on the online platform involve a flat fee or management fee. Best gold IRA companies where can these be found, researching to find the right one is the best. 


  • It offers excellent control


When you are transacting online, you can see the actions reflect on your portfolio in real-time. In fact, you have the chance of controlling your portfolio much better than you would with the portfolio managers. Several online services allow investors to buy and sell Canadian stocks to choose the level of control they want. Then, there is always the option of turning to a professional in case you want to relieve yourself of some tough decision making. Then you can read up on the motley fool review, and see what that's all about.

Online investing has opened the doors for novice and veteran investors alike. You will still require enough knowledge to understand the basic terms, define short-term and long-term investment goals, execute different strategies and align these with your ultimate aim. The share market is not a place for the impatient daydreamers. You need deliberation and patience to make money here.                                             

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