How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions are a convenient option to make eyelashes longer instead of fighting with false eyelashes every day, but they are not cheap. For all those who are considering lashes the very first time, probably looking for the answer, “How long do eyelash extensions last?”. Of course you should know about the duration of eyelash extension because you are going to spend your earnings on it.  


Well, here is the answer to the most asked question- The lifespan of the lashes extensions depends on various factors. But the eyelashes expert says, lash extensions last up to 6-8 weeks if you keep good care. 


The lash extensions depend on several factors, whether it lasts for 2 weeks or a full 4 weeks:

  • Growth of your natural lashes. If the growth is faster then extension won’t last.
  • What type of eyelash extensions have you got? Flat lashes or classic lashes. According to experts flat lashes last longer and give a more natural look than classic. 
  • What type of lash glue is applied to fix lashes.
  • And, the biggest factor is how properly you take care after the extensions fixation.



Understand The Natural Eyelash Growth Cycle.


Each extension cord is attached to one of its own eyelashes, and ideally, it can last until the eyelashes reach the end of their life cycle and fall off naturally. Each of the natural eyelashes has a different life cycle, so not all eyelashes will fall off at the same time. This means that your extension also looks natural. 


This means that the false extensions will also shed in a natural pattern. Often eyelash extension specialists will recommend infill treatment after a few weeks to add more eyelashes when the initial shedding period occurs. If you do this infill treatment, you can slightly extend the life of the extensions. 


The longevity of eyelashes also depends on how much you care for them, whether they are natural or extensions. There are many ways (discussed below) to keep the natural eyelashes healthy and strong and to keep your eyelash extension tightly on eyelids.


It’s estimated that one to four eyelashes fall off every day, depending on the individual, age, health, and lifestyle. This is completely normal and will happen with both natural and eyelash extensions. Therefore, in simple words, on a weekly basis, we lose about 20% of our eyelashes.


How to keep your eyelash extensions last longer?

If you want the lash extension to last longer, then follow these do’s and don’t rule for eyelashes.

Do’s for eyelash extension 

Here is the point that you should do for the long life of eyelashes extensions:


  • Use an approved eyelash cleaner to clean lash extensions every day. Eyelash cleaners can protect your eyelashes from oil, dirt, and debris, which can affect the retention of eyelashes. Make sure to clean your lashes daily.
  • Wipe your eyelashes with a clean eyelash brush every morning to make them look beautiful and polished. Experts also recommend brushing the natural eyelashes.
  • Always use powder-based eyeshadow.


Don’t for eyelashes extension


  • Avoid your eyes from the water for at least the first 48 hours when applying for the Eyelashes extension. Water and humidity usually significantly decrease the effectiveness of the eyelash glue and also soften its texture. Make sure to avoid swimming and hot water for washing your face.
  • Avoid applying oil-based cosmetic and makeup remover near the eyes including
  • sunscreen and lotion.
  • Avoid using eyelash curlers or any other curling techniques, because the glue holding the extensions in place is too sensitive to handle the external load.
  • Avoid sleeping down the face. You can use an eye mask to protect your lashes while sleeping. These eye masks are specially designed for eyelash extensions.
  • Avoid your eyes from direct heat. 
  • Do not use too long or too heavy eyelash extensions. They may damage your natural eyelashes and cause them to fall off early. 
  • Do not apply heavy eye makeup. Forget applying mascara on your eyes if you have lash extensions. Let your lashes shine with extensions.


How to wash eyelash extensions properly?

Eyelash removal procedure close up. Beautiful Woman with long lashes in a beauty salon. Eyelash extension.



Regularly washing eyelash extensions prevent you from eye infections and other complications. Proper cleaning removes the grease that has collected on the eyelashes. If you are using oily cosmetics or you have oily skin, some grease will always remain on your eyelids.


If you do not clean your eyelashes often, the oil will stay there and gradually decompose the eyelash glue. Oil is an enemy of any eyelash glue. You can easily extend the durability of eyelash extension by washing eyelashes.


Easy steps to wash eyelash extension

  • First, use an oil-free makeup remover to remove eye makeup.
  • Next, take lukewarm water and wet your eyes. Take any dermatologist-approved lash cleaner and use it on your eyes with smooth hands
  • Wash the foam thoroughly with fresh water and smoothly wipe the eyes with a soft towel.
  • Last, brush your lashes lightly with a brush. Now you are all set to go anywhere.


Clean your eyelashes with Extension Sealer

The extension sealer is also the lash cleaner that preserves the area between the eyelash extension line and the natural eyelashes from water, mist, and any types of debris. In this way, the extension cord will stay in position more safely and long-lasting shining.


Experts recommend extension sealers to everyone who uses eyelash extensions. Everyone should use this product once or twice a week. To use this product, clean your eyelashes first, then apply the sealant to the eyelashes. If you are daily spending a lot of time in a damp, moist, and wet environment then you should use this product at least thrice a week.


In nutshell, Eyelash extension durability may vary. It depends on how thoroughly you care for eyelash extensions. If you follow proper care measures, you can keep your eyelashes looking attractive and bright for a long time.

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