Have you been in a relationship where, you felt like you were disrespected all the time, not only from the person you are with but his family and friends? When do you say enough is enough and either fix it or walk away from it.

Being and feeling like your disrespected hurts, and when you try and talk to them about it they just blow you off and defend themselves and at times their family. Personally I have had this done, and it only woke me up to the fact I had enough, no one should ever feel like its ok, and that they are only doing it because you deserve it.

There are so many ways of being disrespected, from name-calling, not introducing you to friends and family, and so much more. Image what your life will be if you manage to stay with them, and it continues. ReGain has some great signs of disrespect, my personal issue was they only thought about themselves and his family could never lie to him, they made it hard on us to be together, but with help, we were able to come together and see the issues. A lot of people are not as lucky and stay in a relationship where it never gets better.

In any marriage, there is some kind of disrespect, either mentally or verbally, and it's up to that person if they stay or if they move on. Some choose to stay and seek some help because they want to save their marriage and others choose to leave and start new, whatever you choose is your decision and you have to deal with that choice, I wanted to make this work and moving away from his family was the key, granted they still tried to do the same as they did when we were there,

But now he was able to open his eyes and see what they did, we were able to save our marriage, being disrespected in any relationship isn't the answer to you being happy,it can destroy you and getting the help you need is the key.

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