How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Dishwasher


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A dishwasher works as more than just a cleaner; it saves you money, time, and energy. According to a survey conducted in the States, the people using the dishwasher get 230 hours free per year from their hectic schedules. If the dishwasher is down and cannot clean the dishes, you should get the issue diagnosed and repaired at the earliest. 


Dishwashers are complicated appliances with many parts. Some of the issues are relatively minor, but the major ones require expensive parts or labor. The average cost of a dishwasher repair ranges between $100 – $300, depending on the type of problem. 

Here is a break-up of various dishwasher repair costs according to the type. Have a look: 

  • Seal Repair Cost 

Dishwasher door seal repair is one of the easiest and relatively cheap jobs. The repair cost ranges from $50 – $125. If you notice water leaking out of the dishwasher, you need to get the door seal fixed. 

  • Pump Repair Cost

A dishwasher pump usually works with the motor to drain the dishwasher. If there isn't a proper flow from the motor to the dishwasher, the pump is obstructed, and it needs repair. The dishwasher pump repair cost anywhere between $100 to $250. 

  • Motor Repair Cost

A motor is one of the most crucial and expensive dishwasher components. If your dishwasher is not working correctly, the motor may be the issue. The average dishwasher motor repair cost is $200 – $500, depending on the motor type and problem.

  • Control Panel Repair Cost

The control panel interacts with the dishwasher and programs temperature and time. If the control panel is broken, the appliance can become inoperable. So, the average dishwasher control panel repair cost ranges between $150 – $350. 

  • Leak Repair Cost

There are several things in a dishwasher that can cause leaks, like faulty gaskets, cracked drain hose, broken door spring, etc. Some leak issues are easier and cheaper to fix than others. To diagnose dishwasher leaks, a maintenance specialist may charge $50 – $300.


Additional considerations and factors that influence the dishwasher repair cost

Other than the issues, some other things affect the dishwasher repair cost. 

  • The location

If the service professional needs to travel more than a few miles to reach your location, they may charge an additional amount. 

  • The make, model, and age

If your dishwasher is very old, it may not be easy to find parts to repair it. Parts of newer and popular models are easier to find, and cost less. 


Also, if your appliance is over ten years old, it's better to buy a new one rather than pay for repairs every now and then.


If you have a home warranty and the dishwasher is covered under the plan, you can make a service request to the company. After that, a service technician will arrive at your home to get it fixed, and you would be expected to pay a service call fee to him. Depending on the company, this could be anywhere around $50-$100 or more. With a home warranty plan, you are not required to pay hefty repair amounts, just a small deductible and monthly premiums to get things fixed.


Tips for maintenance

Here's how you can maintain your appliance:

  • Do not overload the dishwasher 
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Before loading the dishwasher, scrape plates
  • If there's any ultra spoiled pan, pre-soak it
  • Avoid usage of items like aluminum; it could damage the dishwasher
  • Use proper amount of detergent, and 
  • Clean the dishwasher using white vinegar 



These are some of the common dishwasher issues and the costs of getting them fixed. Avoiding an appliance breakdown is not so difficult but ensure that you follow the manual instructions to use the device properly in the long run.

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