Found pests in your home? Want to ensure that these pesky home intruders never gain access to your property again? It's time to schedule pest control treatment services. Hiring a team of trained experts is the best method for pest prevention you'll find on the market, as it will guarantee long-term results, unlike DIY alternatives.


DIY pest control is the least expensive way to eliminate insects and rodents roaming around your home. Despite its ability to save you money, these DIY sprays and traps can leave pests and their nests behind, giving these survivors plenty of time to procreate. For more information click here


You won’t achieve a pest-free home until you’ve treated the root of the problem: the nest. Professional pest control providers apply treatments that safeguard your loved ones from disease-transmitting pests that may have invaded your property, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, earwigs, termites, etc. These pest control experts will locate and treat the infestation’s source (i.e., ants nests and wasp nests), so pests don't stand a chance in your home. Companies like Moxie Pest Control charge competitive rates, so you can stay within budget while fighting off household pests.


While professional pest control services outrank DIY methods time and time again, you’ll need to allocate space in your budget for these service costs. Most pest control providers are willing to accommodate your budget restrictions. If you’re hoping to limit these costs as much as possible, you’ll need to conduct the necessary research. Olathe pest control can help you rid of these bugs in no time.

How much will professional pest control services cost?

Many factors determine the cost of professional pest control services. Most homeowners deem pest-prevention treatment essential living expenses since these services exterminate disease-transmitting and property-destructing household pests that can accumulate devastating costs. If you neglect to book regular treatments, you risk exposing your home’s wooden structures to hungry termites while simultaneously exposing your loved ones to rodents carrying Salmonella. Look to get local experts on the case as they will surely know which pests are endemic to your area and so will have experience removing the problem. If, for example, you live in sunny California, Smith’s Pest Management can help you rid those pests. But if you live out on the east coast, you'll want to find professionals over on that side of the country to take care of those unwanted house guests (which will likely be quite different!)


For optimal savings, compare rates with a few pest control companies in the area before you hire. Never choose the first company that stumbles into your lap via online advertisement. Rates widely vary across the board. 


Pest control companies determine their service rates according to a list of criteria, which means prices can fluctuate significantly from one provider to another. National companies often charge more money for service than local companies, but this isn't true in every case. When researching potential pest control providers, never make assumptions. Otherwise, a company may overcharge you for services you could have received for half the cost. 

One-time service or regular pest control service?

The frequency of service impacts the cost. When shopping for a reliable pest control provider, you’ll need to choose between regular or one-time pest control services. Routine pest control treatments eliminate current pests that have invaded your home while preventing future infestations. Despite popular misconceptions, it’s considerably cheaper to invest in regular pest control than opt for a one-time service. 

With regular pest control services, an exterminator will have time to find and destroy the nest and employ other tactics in the interest of pest prevention. With a one-time service, your pest control provider can only have time to eradicate visible pests and temporarily bandage these pest-related issues.

Type of pest

The type of pest at hand will also affect the cost. General pest control services include pests like cockroaches, ants, flies, and earwig, while specialty service treats mosquitos, termites, or other nuisances that require advanced treatments. Logically, general pest control service costs less than the price of specialty services.

Size of the home

The size of the home affects the cost of pest control service. As expected, smaller properties cost less money to treat than larger homes. Exterminators treat less square footage in a smaller home, hence the lower costs.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control

Some frugal homeowners may be wondering why anyone would hire an exterminator to treat and prevent pests in your home when DIY methods are so much cheaper? As mentioned above, DIY often provides less-than-stellar results. If you don’t wholly eradicate existing pests and their nests, the odds of experiencing another infestation spike. 

While the difference in cost between DIY methods and commercial pest control is undeniable. DIY pest control methods still use up precious time and resources. Generally speaking, the results are subpar compared to professional service. If you’re on the fence about hiring a team of trained pest control experts, consider the benefits of hiring a pest control company below.


– Saves time

– Save money in the long-term due to potential damages incurred by subpar treatment services

– Ensure pests don’t infest your home in the future

– Treat already-existing rodents and insects living inside your home

– Helps you sleep better at night knowing your family is safe from disease-transmitting pests

– Prevent damages to the structure of your home, therefore protecting your property


If you notice a mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor, it can strike fear into the hearts of unsuspecting homeowners. To relieve anxieties, draft a pest control strategy. Unfortunately, treating mice (or other pests) is not simple. By the time you’ve implemented a plan, the mice have multiplied tenfold, and treating the problem could pose a challenge. Pest control professionals use state-of-the-art treatments that prevent pests and treat those already thriving in your rotting trash bins and unsealed food containers. 

Average pest control service cost

Your service may cost more or less than average costs since so many factors impact costs. As a general guideline, expect a price tag ranging from $150 – $900 for the average pest control service. Regular pest control service averages a price of $50 or less per visit, while a one-time service averages about $400. With that in mind, don’t let your initial perceptions cloud your judgment. Despite common misconceptions, regular service is considerably cheaper and ensures year-round protection against pests.

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