There are different reasons for lack of sleep today. Some of these causes might be due to psychological problems or even health related problems like heart problems and obesity. There are drugs that have been developed to help people with sleeping problems to sleep better. However, using these pills for long term may lead to negative and undesired side effects to the body. Therefore, the use of these pills is recommended for special cases only. There is another treatment that can be used to correct sleeping problems, music. This is safer and even cheaper compared to the pills given to correct sleeping problems. It does also not lead to any side effects compared to the sleeping pills administered by medical practitioners.


How music can help you to sleep better


Music is not only something you listen to when you are relaxing to calm you down. Music can also be used to help the body relax and sleep. It has an effect directly in the parasympathetic nervous system. Studies have shown that older people who listen to relaxing music for around 45 minutes tend to have the ability to fall asleep faster, wake up less during the night and also sleep for longer periods. The studies also showed that young people who listen to relaxing music just before bed have improvements in their sleeping patterns.


The good and relaxing feeling when you are listening to music has been found to slow down the rate of body functions. Some of these systems that are lowered down include, breathing rate, heartbeat, blood pressure and also helps the muscles of the body to relax. These changes in the body systems are the ones responsible for improving the quality of sleep.


Choosing the best music to play


It has been discovered that the best music that improves the quality of sleep is the kind of music you are familiar with, depending on your personal preference. However, studies have also proven that slow tunes are the best when you want to relax yourself to sleep. For example, music with between 60-80 beats per minute is the best.


There has been questions whether it is dangerous to sleep with headphones and earphones in your ears. The answer is no. However, the music playing in the headphones or earphones should not be too loud. However, if you prefer loud music, you should ensure that you use ear plugs to reduce the chances of hearing loss. The ear plugs also help to reduce the chances of tinnitus, where the person experiences a ringing feeling in the ear after being exposed to very loud music and when you are taking guitar lessons.


When you have integrated music into your sleeping routine, it is important that you stick with it. This will create a kind of rhythm that the body gets to sleep after listening to the music. The music will impact positive side effects in the body over time when there is consistency in integrating the music in your normal sleeping routine over time. You can also try different genres of music, to find which one works best for your sleeping problem. You can be able to find a genre that makes you sleep better and for a longer time compared to another genre. You can also set a sleep timer. This is because sometimes, the music can cause disruption when you are in your sleep. A sleep timer ensures that the music stops playing when you fall asleep. You can set the sleep timer to a little longer time than you require to fall asleep.


Sleeping problems can be either caused by anxiety, medical reasons and even psychological problems. Sleeping problems may also be caused by unfamiliar environment and stress. In some cases, insomnia may be a big problem that can be difficult to treat, leading people to become addicted to sleeping pills. However, music has been proven to be very effective for people with sleeping problems. The music is better because it poses no side effects to the body and it is also cheaper. It is important to ensure that you fully incorporate music into your sleeping routine. This is because the music will be able to impact the production of compounds from the body that have the same properties as those of the sleeping pills. The sleeping routine also enables the body to relax and drift to sleep with ease.

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