Hello, I am Ashley. I want to share a brief story with you about how my 70 free spin given to me by Boomtown got me out of debt.

I have just signed up to the online spinning site after getting advice from my friend Ruddy through an online chat. It has been a while that I have started gambling, I should be about 13-14 years old at that time. I will go to the arcade during the period of dinner when I went to school, or when I went into towns during the weekends to spend every dime of my pocket money. I think it was the time that I graduated from school to get even more serious money, had a job in a pub glass at that time.

At first, I was excited that I lost at least a considerable amount of money anytime I played, sometimes I will lose 20, 30 quid and was much money. When I got much older, I was promoted to the bar and became the steward assistant. It is interesting that you know that as the position went up, the salary also increased too and the rate at which I gambled also increased.

Recently I signed up to an online slot to try my hand at gambling aside from work. I started cool using $2 spin, but the amount I used grew tremendously, $10 spin, $20 and $40, I lost everything within a matter of days. Now I am back to the same spot I left off.

The turning point came when I signed up with Boomtown, and I was immediately given 70 free spins. The 70 free spins became my saving grace as I used it wisely and lady luck smiled at me. I got everything that I thought was lost already. I was so excited when I got that first win because it was a massive win for me; I needed that money at that time. So, this made me continue investing more spins to it and amazingly for everything that I lost over time while gambling,

I was able to recover them all and pay some debts that I owed previously, At the same time, seeking help from an experienced debt advisor at your side can also be a great help. They could offer you alternative debt clearing solutions like enrolling in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Program. I also stash some funds away while I use the remaining to spin (perhaps I might just land another jackpot)

It was astonishing for me especially when I thought that I had lost everything but it came with great joy that I won from the free 70 spins I was able to cater for my long due outstanding rent, I was able to send some funds to my ageing parents. It been a while that I have been able to give something to my parents just because they understand when there was nothing with me. Other basic needs were also sorted out like my girlfriend who has always been with me through the thick and thin especially when I lost it all. So, I took her shopping, and we visited her favourite restaurant a sweet treat which she deserved in all respect. This has been one of the great weeks I have had in a long time; the spin was able to allow me to settle all my debts without losing much to it.

Just like every other spin, all you will have to do to enjoy the type of benefit am experiencing is to sign up to the Boomtown site, so that you will be able to claim 70 spins. Discover your preferred deals on their web page and check them out before it is late. You are also conscious of these bonuses and what exactly they are but what do they mean when they say 70 free spins without a deposit? It means that it doesn’t need you to deposit before you are qualified to. These spins are given automatically to your account the moment you join without using deposit. This makes it risk-free, you will get rewarded with a free spin on your favourite slot, and you might not lose anything. For you to qualify for this, just like I did. Follow this process;

  • Discover the 70 free spins that you are searching for in the page and click on it
  • Check the advertisement and read in details about the terms and conditions
  • Click to join and then fill in your details and they will add 70 free spins to your accounts without you depositing any money.

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