How Parents Can Be Involved in a Child’s Early Education?



Parents, now more than ever, realize the importance of their involvement in their child's education. According to research by UNICEF, parental involvement in a child's education is important for academic progression. It also boosts confidence and well-being.


Early childhood education, which begins at home and proceeds to a play school-which is usually your child's first formal interaction with the outside world- is vital to the overall development of your child.


The first responsibility of a parent is to ensure that the playschool is conducive and stimulating. Selecting a childcare chifley center should be done keeping in mind your child's personality and needs.

Providing a pleasant, enabling atmosphere

Active learning for kids in their first few years occurs by interaction with their environment. It is of vital importance to provide a pleasant and stimulating environment for your kid to thrive in. 


You can achieve this by ensuring that your home is conducive. It is also essential that the playschool is a happy and relaxed environment. This will make your child feel safe and secure and will be willing to interact with peers and teachers.

Making playtime captivating and educating

Before the age of 5, learning is mostly in the form of play. Ensuring that the play your child engages in is as stimulating as possible is a great way to aid his brain development. Great care should be taken to ensure that play is developmentally appropriate for your child's age. 

Offering helpful insightful additions to the teachers.

Parents often know their child's peculiarities best. Making your child's uniqueness known to the teachers while offering suggestions on possible additions to the syllabus will ensure that your child gets the best out of his education. 

Having regular interactions with playmates and teachers.

Because they spend a lot of time together, and because they interact with your child in a manner different from you, your child's playmates and teachers would likely be exposed to a side of your child that you might be unaware of. Familiarizing yourself with all facets of your child's behavior makes it easier to respond to his needs accordingly.

Enabling your child to express his ideas and opinions.

A well-rounded individual who positively contributes to the society is nurtured by giving a listening ear to their thoughts and ideas. This validates their opinion and enables them to feel positive about themselves. It is your responsibility as a parent to provide an avenue for expression for your child.

Encouraging independence

This can be achieved by allowing certain age appropriate liberties under due supervision. This gives your child a sense of fulfilment and also stirs the thirst to do more.

Being available for your child

Responsiveness is important for a child's optimum development. Being available for your child gives a positive feeling which serves as the bedrock for complete mental, social and emotional well-being.

Being present for children reassures and calms them. This has been said to improve their sense of self.

Helping them learn the difference between right and wrong

Children learn in a variety of ways. And they are bound to make mistakes, teaching your child to know the difference between right and wrong is essential to his overall psychological development.


Providing an avenue for a child's all round development is the most important role a parent plays in early childcare development. This is also the hallmark of a good early childcare centre.

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