The online mattress industry has exploded in recent years. I can barely remember a time where you had to go to a store and actually buy a mattress. The one thing which has not changed, is that the mattress is still delivered to your door. I guess it makes sense that you have to get your mattress delivered, it is far too big to fit in a standard vehicle, but it can feel disappointing to got to a store and come home empty handed.


Where the online mattress retailers differ, is that there is no middleman. Why buy from someone who is not the actual retailer of the mattress, and why pay more for someone else to sell it to you. The online retailers are revolutionizing the mattress world. The savings from the middleman are in part passed onto you, and partly reinvested into making a better mattress.


Signed, sealed, delivered


The main difference in the online mattress experience is that you get a completely different mattress. Instead of a traditional spring mattress, you get a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are better for you. They spread out the pressure so that your joints and muscles are supported more. The fact that they are also foam, means that they can be compacted into a small area. This allows the manufacturers to seal them up into compact boxes and have them delivered to your door.

The sight of your mattress arriving in a box is a sight to behold. How can something so small contain my mattress? Watching the mattress expand to its mattress shape is also fun to watch. The fact that the mattress can be delivered by courier also means that there are savings to be made.


From one idea, the mattress industry has been revolutionized, and there are now almost a hundred companies trying to make a living from selling foam mattresses online. Is there room for everyone or are some doomed to fail?


Purple and Puffy


Two such companies are Puffy and Purple. It looks certain that both are destined for great things, and both of them are beginning to take their share of the market, but what are they doing to dominate the online mattress world?




Puffy mattresses are made to order. This saves any gasses accumulating in the bag and box as they wait for delivery. The strongest feature of the Puffy mattress is the comfort. Review of Puffy bed mattresses are streaming in that sleeping on a Puffy is like sleeping on a cloud. Another great benefit is the 101-night return policy. If you do not feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, then you can get a full refund. For the money you pay, you are also getting one of the highest-quality mattresses on the market

Puffy is dominating through comfort and a great trial period.




The Original Purple Mattress is another mattress which is built around comfort. The mesh-like design of the mattress allows the air to flow and make it one of the most breathable mattresses on the market. It has great support for your muscles and joints and no-feel motion transfer. They also have a 100-night trial period.




The trial period is in line with most mattress companies, but it would seem that Purple and Puffy do comfort better than others, and word is starting to get around.




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