How South Beach Diet Phase 1 Works

The South Beach Diet is among the top recommended diets that many people looking to lose weight are using. According to positive reviews from customers who have used it, the diet which incorporates a strict diet combined with exercise as part of your lifestyle is quite effective. Regular exercise routines enhance your metabolism.

Apart from promoting rapid weight loss without hunger the lower-carb diet also promotes heart health. Due to the strict program, some have criticized it for being a restrictive diet. The diet involves three phases that have to undergo the diet program to work effectively. Below is a look at how the Phase 1 South Beach Diet works, its benefits and sustainability.


Phase 1

Phase 1 is a 14-day phase meant to help you eliminate food cravings for foods containing high sugar and refined starch. While most phase 1 plans usually last for two weeks, the current versions use a 7-day “reboot” 2 instead of a two-week phase. 


The foods include fruits, grains and starches. You also have to cut out most foods containing carbohydrates from your diets such as pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar and baked goods like bread. Cutting out carbohydrates during phase 1 will help you to reduce excess water weight. You are also not supposed to drink any fruit juice or alcoholic drinks. With the limitation of these foods, you can decrease blood sugar and insulin levels.


But, you can eat foods containing lean protein like seafood, soy products, skinless poultry and lean beef. You can also include healthy foods with unsaturated fats like nuts and avocados, high-fiber vegetables and low-fat dairy.


In general, you will be expected to take three meals per day which are a balance of small portions of healthy fats and legumes, lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. In case you’ll crave your favorite foods or snacks, you can eat two mandatory snacks per day. The most recommended is a combination of lean protein and vegetables. During phase 1, the diet is expected to help you lose at least 813 pounds of body weight.


By following the diet to the latter will help your body to burn fat and reboot. As your body adjusts to the new diet and reduces cravings, you can gradually add foods with carbohydrates back into your diet. 


While phase 1 is considered the most difficult part of the South Beach Diet program, if you follow the plan well, you can not only correct how your body reacts to food but also improve your health. Positive reviews show that the program is an effective one and many who’ve used it attest that their cravings for sugary snacks and foods like sweets and other unhealthy carbs have disappeared after its use. Even after the 2 weeks of phase 1 have ended, the diet can still be extended, but it’s not a recommended permanent way of eating. 


If you follow the South Beach Diet step by step, you will get your desired weight goal results. You can get more information about the South Beach Diet at as well as the official South Beach Diet websites and books.