There are many ways to get back together with your girl, and that is dependent on the stage of your break up and how bad it was. One of the best ways to pull her back is making her think that she has made a mistake leaving you. So, how can you make that happen? That is one question you need to ask yourself. Here are some of the ways you should act to make her regret the idea of leaving you.

1. Don't say goodbye when you still have the chance

When things start going south in a relationship, a break is necessary. That ‘alone time‘ you have after the encounter helps her realize how important you were in her life. Allow her all the time and space she needs probably to heal, especially if the breakup was terrible. Over time, she may come to her senses and realize that she is doing wrong by leaving you. Most fresh breakups can be mended as some mistakes are easy to correct with time. 

2. Talk it out

Communication is a crucial thing when it comes to a relationship. Even after she calls the shots to part ways, it would help if you called in a meeting to talk things over. On many occasions, she may be mad at you, and not willing to meet you in person. But don't give up that easily. Try your luck and ask for a meetup and let her listen to what you have to say.

If she genuinely had feelings for you, with time, she will give in and turn up for that meetup. During the meeting, ensure that you let her know your feelings and the situation at hand. Apologize if you made any mistakes while in the relationship. It would be best if you also answered all the questions she asks without hiding anything. After the conversation, you may be lucky to win her back. Most ladies take their time to process things, and so don't expect the magic to happen that same day. 



3. Avoid texting her

Did you part ways with your girlfriend and feeling terrible about everything? That's common as many guys realize how important their girlfriends were after they are out of the picture. Well, the worst thing you can do when, at this point, is pouring all your emotions on text messages. The high chances are that she will ignore all your effort to bring her back. However, you can still maintain contact but not through texts. If you have ever been in a breakup, you can confirm that maintaining that contact with your Ex can be hectic.

In the modern world, where texting is the standard mode of communication, resisting from texting her may sound impossible. But, it’s much possible, and you may ask how? Luckily for you, an article from GetHerBack’s website has everything you need to keep tabs with her without having to fill her inbox. According to the article, one of the best ways to help her rethink her decision is asking for a face-to-face meeting. The article clarifies that you don't have to be nosy and ambush her in her usual spots. Instead, you can call in a meet up in a polite manner, and she will gladly respond. According to relationship coaches, face-to-face meetings with her can-do magic as compared to nights of texting that go unanswered or even unseen. 

4. Ask for the last time sex

Asking to have sex for the last time with her may seem like a risky move, but it's worth the shot. The idea here is to make her think that she is making a mistake by leaving you. If you have been trying to fix things to no avail, then you can try to get her to have sex with you for the last time. If she agrees, the high chances are that the sex may help renew the sense of emotions and attraction towards you.

The sex may act as an icing on top of the cake, especially if you have been trying hard to fix things from your end. After the encounter, she might decide to give the relationship a second chance. Unfortunately, not many girls will be willing to have sex with you, especially if the breakup was terrible. In case your ex declines the idea, don't lose the last hopes you had in reviving the love. There are still many other ways to make her think that she is making a mistake. 

5. Start dating again

Did she tell you that she doesn't want to see you again? You can respond to that by getting a new girlfriend to make her feel jealous. The funny part is that she may still have some feelings towards you even after a nasty breakup. You can help revive those feelings by showing her that you have moved on to make her jealous. The idea here is to make her feel as though you are unique, and not worth losing. When playing this move, however, you must be careful as it can see you lose her for good. Remember, she may also reiterate to your gesture by getting a man as well, and before you realize she has already moved on. 

6. Enjoy your life without her

Life after a breakup can be messy, especially if you are used to having her around. With all the fun you had together, you may find yourself secluded in the house as you find it hard to survive alone. Posting those lonely pictures can make her widen the distance between you too even further. According to relationship coaches, the best way to make regret the decision is to continue enjoying your life even more without her. Turn up for those night parties with friends, or go for that trip you ever desired. The fact that she will be following you silently will make her think that she is wrong by letting you go. The good thing about having fun alone, even after the breakup is that it gives you time to think about the whole love life. 

Often, relationship coaches insist that the best trick to winning your ex back is by making her think that she is making a mistake by letting you go. Well, that is easier said and done. Explained in this article are the top six moves you can borrow to make things right after she parts ways with you. Read through the entire piece to understand which steps may work for you as their effectiveness is dependent on the reason for your breakup or how bad it was. 


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