How To Avoid the Most Common Winter Wedding Mistakes

A winter wedding may be subject to unpredictable events that are best to work around. If you’re planning a wedding this winter, continue reading to learn about how to avoid the most common winter wedding mistakes.

Pick a Wedding Dress Designed for Winter

As you’re picking out the dress of your dreams, keep in mind your climate. When it comes to celebrating your big day, you want to be comfortable. Most wedding dresses are delicate and light, so you won’t find something designed to keep you warm. Certain fabrics are appropriate for winter, such as velvet and silk brocade. A dress with a little more coverage will keep you warmer, as will a stole or wrap made of fur (faux or real).

Wedding Photoshoot

There are a couple of important ways to prepare for your winter wedding photoshoot that are necessary. First, bring a good pair of shoes and socks to keep your feet dry and warm. Long gowns will cover up most shoes, so there’s no need to worry about the shoes appearing in the photos! You want to enjoy the process of getting your pictures taken, but you can’t properly enjoy the photoshoot when you’re freezing cold.

Next, bring a coat or wrap that you can incorporate with your dress for photos to stay warm. It will be an elegant addition to your dress and photos.

Lastly, remember that the sun sets earlier in the winter. Pick the ceremony time so you have ample time for the photoshoot while the sunlight is still available.

Prepare for Weather Complications

Outdoor weddings in the spring and summer are notorious for rain on the big day, but winter weddings have a few more weather complications. This includes cold temperatures, ice, snow, and hail.

Accommodating Guests

While outdoor weddings will make use of heated tents, guests can still feel a bit chilled, especially when walking to and from their cars. While you’ve thought of all the details in planning your wedding day, the guests may need a little extra help. Keep some important items on hand that any guest may use throughout the day, like hand warmers and tissues.

Purchase Wedding Insurance

The forecast can always change. Blizzards and other winter storms may cancel your winter wedding day entirely. Remember to purchase insurance if an emergency occurs. If a storm closes roads and it’s not safe for guests to attend, this insurance will allow you to change your wedding date. You won’t lose all the money invested in your wedding day.

Weddings are a celebration of love; don’t let the winter weather get in your way! Remember these tips for how to avoid the most common winter wedding mistakes so you may fully enjoy your day.

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