How to Avoid the Paparazzi Like a Celebrity

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Fame, fortune, and highlighted scandals can make you a target for the paparazzi. And those people are very serious about their profession, so much so that they can make your life a living hell.


We’ve all heard the stories of celebrities running, getting into verbal and physical altercations, and even begging to have their privacy respected. 


Unfortunately, these tabloid photographers take high-profile individuals as their source of livelihood. So, reasoning with them may be off the table, and that’s why celebs keep coming up with creative ways of escaping paparazzi attention.


However, avoiding camera flashes is easier said than done when you’re basking in the limelight. The paparazzi are pretty determined, which brings us to how you can avoid them.


It may be difficult but not impossible. Here are five basic ways to avoid the paparazzi:


  1. Blend In


Sometimes it seems like celebrities go out of their way to stand out. From their dress code to their antics, it all seems intentional. Some of these guys do like the attention because it keeps them in the public eye, which is good marketing. 


But for those who genuinely want to keep the paparazzi out of their business, blending in is an excellent strategy.


Figure out ways to go unnoticed by dressing and looking like everyday people. Flashy apparels and rides are dead giveaways. Try something unexpected.


For instance, very few will give an ordinary sedan a second glance. But people will most likely want to know who’s the person speeding away in a Maserati or Escalade.


  1. Don a Disguise


Most celebs put on a disguise whenever they want to ditch the cameras. It works often enough. You may want to try it if you’re concerned about media scrutiny.


A disguise can be anything. Put on a hoodie or clothes that keep you mostly hidden. Some people even wear ridiculous costumes just to ditch the media stalkers.


Celebrity favorites are sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats that shield half their face. That makes it difficult to identify them.


Perhaps the best disguise today would be a face mask. The pandemic has altered our lives, and with lots of people in face masks, it really is a perfect disguise that doesn’t give you away. Pair it with a cap or a hat, and the paparazzi are none the wiser.


  1. Lose Them


One thing about the paparazzi is that they’re like hounds or flies on a carcass. They smell their targets from a mile away. Sometimes the best way to avoid them is to lose them.


Remember, just because they found you doesn’t mean you must bear the scrutiny. Try to get away by taking a different route from the one you used before. 


If, for some reason, the lens guys have gotten hold of your schedule, throw them off by changing it at the last minute.


Always make a safe getaway. Having a professional around you is an added advantage.


  1. Make Things Difficult


Avoid the paparazzi by making their job difficult. They may know how to find you, but there are professionals who make it their job to keep you out of reach. That’s what celebrities rely on.


It’s a good idea to enlist security services, especially if you live in a place like California, where personal safety and media probing are common for high-profile people.


You can hire armed or unarmed security guards in California with relative ease. These are trained individuals who can handle various scenarios ranging from physical threats to confrontations with photographers.


  1. Avoid The Glitz!


The thing is, the paparazzi don’t go everywhere, and much of it has to do with staying close to the action.


For instance, how often do you hear something about celebrities like Lisa Bonnet or Meryl Streep?


Not as often as we’d like, but that’s because these stars know how to stay away from the glamor. It’s simple; you’ll be just fine if you don’t attract attention or go where that attention is concentrated.


If you’re a high-profile person, an effective way of avoiding the paparazzi is staying away from places they’re likely to be.




The paparazzi can be relentless, but they’re not entirely unavoidable. You just need to keep a few tricks up your sleeve as well.


We’ve shared with you some of the best tactics celebrities employ to dodge the cameras. But you can always get creative depending on the circumstances.


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