Having your own business is quite easy now.  You can even do it from home.  Now with telecommunications it has never been easier, everything is right at your fingertips.  Only problem is, not every business is going to be successful.

There are many blogs out there, some successful, some not so much.  Likewise, there are always people who are in marketing, public relations, and even just influencers.  If it was that easy, however, anyone would be able to do it and we would have lots of very successful people running around. You need to make your own success, have focus and the right tools to inspire you and empower you to be the best you can be at whatever your endeavor is.

Nancy Behrman is the President of Behrman Communications.  I look to her website for wonderful articles and inspiration.  I love the fact that she has this tool for me to learn to be the best I can be.  After all, the problem with women a lot of the times is that they tear each other down instead of trying to build each other up.  There is room for success for everyone. We should want everybody to be successful, not just us.    Building women up and empowering women is such a great thing, especially with all the roles that men dominate.  Just at the Golden Globes when the prize for best director was handed out it was pointed out by the presenter (Natalie Portman) that it was an all-male nominated category.  We as women need to break out and show that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Not everyone is cut out for success.  You can have all the tools at your disposal but in the end, only you can deliver.  How much work you put into it and how much you want it are two factors that can make or break you.  Of course everyone wants to be successful, but it does not happen overnight and takes much practice and diligence.  Her company specializes in beauty, health, wellness, and lifestyle, but her articles can be applied to your own needs, even just for a little inspiration and empowerment.

Myself, I do things that many might not consider to be the “normal” or “likely” way.  I do my own things so time and time again when people would tell me to look at things it would never jive with me because I am not a cookie cutter type of person.  I cannot follow a mold because it just does not feel like me.  I have to do things the way that I feel comfortable for myself as well as getting the job done. That is another reason I liked this so much, she did this with her own new ideas and not from what some would consider a conventional approach.

You can read all about her inspiring story at Behrman Communications,, and check out her website and articles here.

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