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When you are looking to purchase a 925-sterling silver piece of jewellery and you’re new to the scene, its best to know the differences. There are variations in the types of silver you can buy and it will benefit you to learn how to spot the main differences between pure silver and 925 sterling silver. 


There are myriads of items, not only jewellery, that are made from silver, so this knowledge will also serve you in the broader sense. However, with a lot of jewellery and with prices being higher you want to minimize any doubts and buy your items with confidence. 


One thing you can do to ensure you get only an authentic piece is by going to a reputable shop, as they have a reputation to uphold. They will only be selling not just authentic pieces, but quality ones as well. There are plenty of beautiful sterling silver accessories you can buy from these shops such as a wide variety of silver bangles, should you looking for something to add to your collection or as a gift to a loved one. You can check out their latest selection and shop these pieces online. 


Key Signs To Spotting Real Sterling Silver Jewellery


When it comes to pure silver, it’s important to know that the smallest percent leftover (approximately 99.9% is comprised of silver) is made from other metals like copper. When you hear the term sterling silver, this normally has a lower composition of silver consisting of 92.5%, which means that it has a higher percentage of metals such as copper making up the rest. 

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How To Spot The Differences 


It benefits to be able to tell the two apart to prevent yourself from being ripped off and to ensure you get what you pay for. Even 925 sterling silver comes with higher price tags, which means the investment is bigger. You don’t want to end up buying a fake item without knowing it! Follow these clues to sniff out the real deals and walk away with something you are happy with. 


The Hallmark – This test means that you should have a magnifying lens and with it, you will discover the numbers 925 imprinted in a small engraving somewhere on the item. You can normally find them on the areas which are larger. 


The Magnet – The magnet test is where you hold a standard magnet next to the jewellery piece and if it is not magnetized to it, then it’s not authentic sterling silver. It’s normal that the percentage will be slightly lower and once again is not a pure sterling piece of silver. 


Testing Its Weight – A real sterling silver ring when compared to a piece of jewellery of similar weight will reveal all. If the silver jewellery piece is the same or similar to the other item of similar weight, there’s a good chance you are onto a winner. 


Nitric Acid Test – This is a little more scientific and requires more equipment than usual. However, if you have the protective wear with you, then dropping nitric acid on the smallest part of the jewellery will reveal if it’s sterling or not. If it turns green, then it is surely a fake item. 


Know these tell-tale signs that help you differentiate an authentic sterling silver jewellery from a counterfeit one, and you should be able to purchase an item with confidence. 


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