How to Choose an Engagement Ring for Your Significant Other

You’ve met the perfect person for you and you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You’ve made your mind up: it’s time to propose. The next step? Finding the perfect engagement ring! However, you’ve never bought an engagement ring before, and aren’t quite sure where to begin. This is an incredibly special piece of jewelry that celebrates your love, Such as that your partner will continue to wear for years after you tie the knot. As such, you’ll want to do your research on the best engagement rings out there. In order to help you kickstart your search, we’ve crafted a guide on everything that you need to know in order to choose an engagement ring for your significant other that they’ll absolutely adore. 

Step One: Consider Their Personal Style

You don’t want to choose just any ring to propose to your significant other. You want to find an engagement ring that speaks to their personal style and will pair well with the jewelry that they already own and love to wear. Do they like to wear jewelry with platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold metal? Are they a fan of simple jewelry styles, or do they need all the sparkle all the time? Do you think they’ll want one diamond in their ring setting or multiple diamonds? 

 Take the time to consider these questions when looking in stores such as rings for your partner, to ensure that you pick out the best ring for them. Additionally, if you’re still struggling to find a ring that you think is right, some diamond refineries have experts on hand that you can schedule a consultation with in order to get help with crafting the kind of engagement ring that you think will fit your partner’s dreams.

Step Two: Pick Out a Perfect Diamond Shape

One of the biggest defining factors of an engagement ring’s look is the shape of the diamond at the center of it. Each diamond shape is unique and helps to define the personality of the ring. As such, you’ll want to find a diamond shape that speaks best to the way that your partner likes to express themselves. Some of the most popular diamond shapes include: 

  • Cushion: Known for their pillow-like shape, cushion diamonds are square with rounded corners. Cushion diamonds are known for their striking brilliance (aka sparkle). 
  • Princess: Known for their traditional square shape, strong edges, and triangular chevron bottom facet, Princess diamonds are one of the most highly sought after types of diamonds for engagement rings today. 
  • Asscher: Known for their square shape and distinctive internal X-pattern, Asscher diamonds provide a gorgeously vintage art deco look to any ring that they’re placed in. 
  • Oval: Known for their classic oval shape and round edges, which elongates the look of the finger and provides a broad surface space for sparkle. 
  • Pear: Known for their signature teardrop shape, pear diamonds have a wide face that allows for a bold sparkle.
  • Emerald: Known for their rectangular shape, Emerald diamonds feature long facets that draw the eye to the center of the ring. They’re also one of the oldest known diamond shapes. 
  • Round Brilliant: Known for their round, symmetrical shape, Round Brilliant diamonds produce a great deal of sparkle. Additionally, they make up about 75% of engagement ring sales overall. 
  • Trillion: Known for their unconventional triangular shape, Trillion diamonds are great for those who want an engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd. 
  • Radiant: Known for their unique rectangular shape and cropped corners, Radiant diamonds combine the sparkle of a Round Brilliant diamond with the shape of  an Emerald diamond, for a unique, brilliant look. 
  • Marquise: Known for its symmetrical kite shape, Marquise diamonds have a classic look that truly exemplifies romance. 

Step Three: Choose a Ring Setting

Once you’ve picked out the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, you’ll want to choose a setting that will suit it. Some of the most popular engagement ring settings include: 

  • Solitaire: A ring with a single diamond at the center of it. 
  • Halo: A ring with a single diamond surrounded with a circle of smaller stones around it. 
  • Three-Stone: A ring with a single diamond at the center that’s flanked by a smaller stone on either side of it. 
  • Cathedral: A ring with a single diamond at the center that’s elevated by metal arches. 
  • Bezel: A ring with a single diamond at the center that’s encased in a metal ring. 
  • Hidden Halo: A ring with a single diamond at the center with a ring of smaller stones underneath it. 


When searching for engagement rings in order to find the perfect one to propose to your partner with, you’re going to want to consider a number of factors, including your partner’s personal style, as well as the type of diamond shape and setting that you think they'd most appreciate. By taking the time to consider the factors above, you're sure to pick out a ring that your beloved partner will say “I do” to.

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