Beautiful pieces of jewelry can enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. The right accessories can also highlight your feminine features according to your desires. However, the accessories you choose can also mess up your entire appearance.Thus, you should understand what type of jewelry you want, how you will wear it to bring the best in you, and find the perfect Online Jewelry Store. If you are planning to add new accessories to your closet, here are helpful tips for choosing the perfect jewelry for your body shape. 

Consider the Length of the Jewelry

Necklaces come in different lengths, which are measured in inches. Most of the lengths are fixed, but some can be customized to meet your height. For convenience, the right necklace length should be easy to customize and complement your body shape. Generally, people with average height can comfortably wear all sizes of jewelry. However, the shorter and the taller people should be very selective on the best jewelry for their body height. If you are short, avoid the long earrings and necklaces because they will make you look shorter. Conversely, the long jewelry would not be ideal for tall people.

Consider Your Body Shape

The right jewelry can make your body look more proportional.  If your body figure is quite petite, small and subtle jewelry would be the best fit. But when your body is large, the short necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry would be ridiculous. Here are the three main types of body shapes:

Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted shape refers to broader shoulders and small hips. This body shape draws more attention to the upper part of the body than the lower part. People with this shape should avoid big necklaces and earrings because they would increase the focus on the broad shoulders. Instead, it would be best if you considered the large watches and bracelets which draw attention to the lower body parts.

Rectangle Body Shape

People with rectangular shapes do not have a defined waist. Ideally, the size of the shoulders is proportional to that of the bust and the hips. People with this shape should focus more on beautiful belts, which would create a waistline and make the entire body proportional. They should also avoid too many bracelets and watches.

Hourglass Body Shape 

The hourglass shape refers to a small waistline, with big butt and breasts. People with this figure can wear all accessories which bring out an excellent look. The ideal jewelry should bring out the figure well without hiding it.

Consider Your Face, Neck and Chest

Understand the shape of the face to know the right jewelry that would make it more beautiful. If you have round checks, avoid the jewelry which comes with circles. Such earrings or necklaces would make your circular face more visible, or larger. And if your face has a triangular shape, avoid the triangular-shaped earrings and necklaces.


The right jewelry can make your bust more fabulous without having to go for plastic surgery. If your bust is significant, for instance, a short necklace of fewer than 24 inches would be comfortable enough on your chest. Avoid the large necklaces with big beads, because they will make your bust appear more significant. On the other hand, longer accessories would be ideal for people with a smaller bust. 


Long earrings and necklaces are the best for people with long necks. Oval is the ideal shape for the long neck earrings.  The chain should not be too heavy, and should be slightly longer to prevent it from being too close to the neck. The short necks will need a more visible piece of jewelry.

Consider Your Outfit

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and the other types of jewelry should go hand in hand with the clothes you wear. The long and elongated accessories will complement your look if you plan to wear a tight cloth that reveals your body shape. Besides the size of your clothes, you should also match the color of your clothes and your accessories. Define your style, mainly if you will be wearing the outfit on a momentous occasion.


The right accessories can make you look more beautiful and great. You should, therefore, take your time to research the best jewelry to wear on specific occasions. Understand your body figure; know the shape of the face, and find the accessories which will hide any defects. You may have to give yourself time to experiment with different accessories. With time, you will know the specific accessories which are perfect for your body shape.


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