When you decide to buy a tiller for your garden, it’s important to ensure you choose one that is able to prepare your land without breaking down. Taking time to conduct research will help you to find the best small garden tiller or cultivator that can help you accomplish your goals. There are few features you need to consider while looking for the machine. Such include the type of soil in your garden, the terrain, and also the power output of the engine.


Here are guidelines to help you choose the best tiller and cultivator for your garden.


The first factor that you are going to look at is the size of the tiller. To get this right, you need to measure the area on which you intend to use the cultivator on. For small pieces of land, you will do well with a mini tiller, while if you are cultivating large tracts of land your choice should focus on bigger tillers, probably a 5 or 6 horsepower engine. Some tillers are designed for industrial application and are suitable for major projects.

Type of soil

You need to understand the type of soil the tiller will be working with. In a place with a lot of rocks or hard soil, you should consider getting a heavier and bigger tiller. Check to ensure the tiller is able to handle rocks or hard soil. This is extremely important as it ensures you don’t end up wasting time and money. If the soil is soft, you will not find issues using a small lightweight cultivator. Many people worry about durability when choosing a tiller, so with a perfect choice that takes care of the prevailing soil conditions, you will not have issues.


There are different tines that you can choose from, and each of them serves a different purpose. If you would like to ensure the tiller functions perfectly in deep tiling, you can find one that is made with bolo tiles. Slasher tines are suitable if the ground has a lot of roots and weeds that have to be slashed while cultivating. You can use these for breaking in new ground.


Tines are just a small factor of the cultivator. You need to also consider the engine size and power. There are two common engine types. An electric engine and a gas powered engine. The tiller you choose depends on your personal choices and the kind of terrain on which you will use it. If the land is tough, you will find a gas powered tiller more appropriate, because most of them tend to have sufficient torque and power to work on the rocky and hard soil. The location of the engine is also important because machines that have the engine above the tines offer best results in digging.


Finding the best tiller and cultivator is not a difficult exercise. You first need to list your expectations while tiling so as to know the kind of machine that can help you do your work. Consider the type of engine that would manage to work on the soil in your garden. Terrain and the hardness of the soil will play a key role in deciding the type of tiller you will need to choose. See guidelines above to get an idea of what to look for.

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