How To Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Friend

How To Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Friend

Looking for a special, one-of-a-kind gift your friend will love? Shopping for friends doesn’t have to be mind-numbingly difficult; you just have to put a bit of thought and a lot of love into it. Here’s how to choose the perfect gift for your friend and make that next special occasion great.

Consider Their Interests

First things first—what kind of things does your friend like? Are they the artsy type? Art supplies or an art history book are great gift ideas for the art lovers in your life. Are they sporty? New athleisure wear will make them feel fly while they’re working out. Are they part of any fandoms or gaming communities? Get them new merch to fill out their collection. Keeping your friend’s interests in mind helps you narrow down your options and find the perfect present.

Ask Them Up Front

Many will balk at this suggestion. But just because you ask someone what they like doesn’t mean your gift won’t be as surprising or meaningful.

If you don’t know what to get your friend, ask them up front. “Is there anything you really want or need right now?” “What kind of things are you into nowadays?” “Do you still like X or Y?” These simple questions will give you a much better idea of what to buy.

…Or Do Some Detective Work

But if you want your gift to be a total surprise, asking up front is out of the question. What then? Put on your detective hat because you’ll need to do some investigating! Can you ask one of their family members or one of their other friends for gift ideas? This is a solid place to start. You can also check your friend’s social media accounts and online communities for inspiration. What’s on their Pinterest board? Do they have any items on their Amazon wish list?

Make It by Hand

If you’re crafty, why not make your friend a present by hand? Knit them a blanket in their favorite color, draw them something featuring their favorite fictional characters, or carve a pair of bookends for their bookshelf. Creating a present by hand takes time, but your friend will appreciate the amount of care and effort you put into their gift!

Money Is (Usually) No Object

The next tip on how to choose the perfect gift for your friend is to shop smart. You have a certain amount of money you were thinking of spending, and you don’t want to exceed that carefully chosen range! But what if the thing your friend wants is too expensive? Don’t despair. You still might be able to get them exactly what they want without going over your budget.

How? By bargain hunting, of course! Scour the internet for deals and discount codes, and don’t be afraid to peruse the contents of secondhand or thrift stores—many sell items that are brand-new at a steep discount.

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