How To Choose The Perfect Location For Your Next Holiday

When it comes to holiday destinations, there are many factors that you need to consider. There is a lot of information out there in the world about holiday destinations, but sometimes this can be overwhelming and difficult to make sense of. Where should you go? What should you look for in a holiday destination? This blog post will help answer these questions!


Consider your budget

Many holiday destinations are expensive, and going somewhere else might not be as costly. If you want to visit Europe for instance, it can cost a fortune! However, there are plenty of alternative holiday destinations that will allow you to make the most out of your budget without breaking the bank. For example, instead of spending lots on accommodation in London or Paris which is quite pricey because they have such high competition for tourists, why not look at other lesser-known European cities? You could put up with less well-known but equally beautiful places like Bratislava in Slovakia or Plovdiv in Bulgaria which offer amazing discounts and experiences too.  


The holiday you choose will largely depend on the budget. So consider this when choosing your holiday destination, and don't break the bank in order to go somewhere fancy!  


What type of holiday do you want to have – beach, city break, rural area, etc.?

What type of holiday do you want to have? Beach, city break, rural area, or relaxing at home with family and friends. Maybe a holiday for every day of the week! There are many holiday destinations to choose from, and it can be difficult to know where you want to go on holiday. You could go to Jersey for your next holiday if you are looking for a calm place by the sea. Luckily there are a few questions that will help narrow down the type of holiday destination for you.


Think about what region your friends/family live in. This could give you an idea of what culture or climate would suit you best. After this, ask yourself if you prefer the beach or the mountains and find out where the best place for you to go is. 


Once you are done with that get to the details and think hard if there are any particular holiday activities that will be important for your holiday. If the place has those, you are halfway there.


There are so many great choices out there when deciding where to go next year, but these questions should help narrow down what is best for you. If you're still unsure then why not try searching ‘best holiday destinations' online?! There's bound to be somewhere perfect for everyone! 


Look for Where are the best places for a specific type of holiday?

Once you have figured out what type of holiday you prefer, you will need to find somewhere that is suitable. The holiday destinations where the type of holiday you prefer can be found are different, so it really comes down to your own preferences and what best suits them. Many places around the world will cater to those who are looking for luxury retreats where they can simply relax and do nothing as well as those looking to explore somewhere new or just enjoy a family holiday, while perhaps on a slightly tighter budget.

You may also want to think about the climate in these places, as this could affect how much time you spend outside or inside when not on holiday. So if you like calm summer activities then a good place might be Jersey in the Channel Islands.  


Alternatively, some people love traveling with their pets too. For these people, New Zealand would be perfect because they have strict importation laws meaning many exotic animals cannot enter the country at all! So make sure wherever you go has rules in place for holiday makers with pets!


For many people, holidaying in the UK is an affordable option and a great chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles. There are plenty of diverse places you could go – from Cornwall's bustling coastline to Scotland's mountains or Wales' historic castles all the way to the aforementioned Channel Islands. Arguably one of the best ways to see all of this is by air, so why not fly in a Spitfire – the UK's iconic WWII plane? Even if you've been in a Spitfire before, it's always amazing to take a refresher on flight in a spitfire. Not only will you see the UK's coast from a different perspective, but you will also see the country's green, rolling hills in all their glory.


Alternatively, if Europe appeals then there are lots of destinations available such as France or Italy which offer similar culture but also very different landscapes too so it would be worth exploring some options before making your final decision on where to visit this year. 


How important is it for you to see some local culture while on holiday? 

Learning about local culture is an important part of holidaying in a new place. There are three main ways to learn about the location you are visiting: 


  • Visiting the city's museums, art galleries and other points of interest – This will give you a sense of a country's history or even just an insight into their modern society.
  • Eating food from different regions – You can get this type of experience by eating at restaurants that offer dishes from specific areas like Southern France or North-East Asia. 
  • Doing things with locals – This could mean asking people for recommendations on what sightseeing spots to visit, taking advice on where to find the best coffee shops, trying out some street markets etcetera.


Find out if the destination has any special events going on during your stay

Special events at your holiday destination are a great way to see the culture in action. Some holiday destinations have events happening all year round, but there are also some specific times of the year where they really ramp up – think carnivals and countries celebrating their independence on different dates or religious celebrations like Christmas.


  • Carnival – Carnivals tend to happen around February/March in a lot of places.
  • Easter Holidays – Countries that celebrate Easter will have holidays during this period.
  • Christmas – In the UK, there are two weeks of holiday for this period in December.
  • New Year's Eve – This holiday season is celebrated with great pomp and circumstance around the world.
  • The World Cup and other big sports events are very attractive to many people. 
  • Ramadan – Muslims celebrate this holiday by fasting during daylight hours, but then there are festivities at night where they can enjoy each other's company after sunset.

To summarize, the best place for your holiday depends on what type of holiday you want to have and where in the world it’s located. If you love beach holidays or city breaks but are looking for a more affordable destination than Hawaii this year, head to Asia! Looking at some local culture while on holiday is important as well so make sure that any special events going on during your stay can be seen from where you will be staying. Hopefully, these tips will help you when deciding which country is right for your next trip abroad.

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