Some say that choosing presents for other people is a form of art which has some truth to it. Giving someone a present is a form of communicating how much they mean to you and expressing appreciation. That’s why it can get a bit intense when it comes to choosing the perfect gift, and it gets even trickier when it’s your best friend. You want to get them something to show not only how much you care for them, but also something that reminds them of you with a smile. This is why we’ve made a list to show you how to choose the perfect gift for your best friend.

Relate it to Their Personality

The best thing about picking a present for your best friend is that you know everything about them; their interests, what they obsess over, and what they’re passionate about. Think about which movie or series they never get enough of and get something related to it. For example, if they’re a Potterhead, you’ll find plenty of Harry Potter-related gifts like a deathly hallows necklace or an ‘always’ bracelet. If your friend has a certain hobby they’re passionate about like writing or drawing, then a stylish journal or a new drawing kit would send them over the moon. 

Make Their Life Easier

We’re all always missing that one thing that we desperately need in our lives, but never actually get, and your friend is no different. Try to think of things that would make their life a lot easier. If they’re a fitness freak, get them a fitness sports watch or a chic gym bag. If they’re wanderers who never stay in one place for too long, then get them anything that will make their wanderlust much easier. Portable chargers, neck pillows, and a document holder are some of the best birthday gift ideas for travelers. It will feel good seeing the look on their face when they unwrap something they’ve been needing.

Get Cheesy with it

There is nothing that says “I love and appreciate you” like putting together a well-thought-out, sentimental gift for your bestie. Sure, it’s cute that calling each other names is your form of expressing emotion and showing how close you are, but a nice gesture or present that has meaning can be nice every once in a while. Don’t be afraid to go all out on the cheesiness too, you can get your favorite pictures together printed and make a collage with their favorite quotes or have one of them done as a portrait for them to hang in their room. One thing is for sure, cheesy gifts will get you a good laugh mixed with a moved expression as a reaction, and it’s worth it.



In the end, this is someone who you probably know more than anyone else, so whatever you choose will definitely mean something to them. Try to think outside the box since you’ll be celebrating many occasions together. Remember that it’s never about how big or expensive the present is, it’s all about the sentiment behind it.

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