How to choose the right cosmetics for your skin type


It is essential to carefully choose the right cosmetics for every skin type to give your skin a natural look. Each person has its own unique skin type, so it is important to consider the different features of each individual's skin when selecting cosmetics.

It's not worth it if your foundation is too oily or your powder eyeshadow slides off before lunch. These are some ways to look your best. You can find all you need for your skincare only on the BodyandEarth website.

Do not use cosmetics that dry out or irritate the skin


Different skin types react to different cosmetics. A brand that works well for eyeshadow may not be suitable for lipstick. Because your skin may be different than your lips, this is because your skin type could be different on your eyelids. Avoid using cosmetics like foundation that dry out your skin. To find the appropriate products for you, you might need to test several products. You should also consider that you might develop a reaction to a cosmetic that has not caused skin irritation before. In this case, you might need to look for an alternative brand to the one you have used in the past. Your skin may develop new characteristics over time, which could lead to a change in the cosmetics you use.

When choosing cosmetics, consider your skin tone.

Even if you have the right type of cosmetic, choosing the wrong shade or the wrong one will make cosmetics less appealing. Cosmetics that match your skin tone will make minor imperfections in skin texture, and skin tone disappears. For those with olive or chocolate skin tones, darker foundations and deeper colors for eyeshadow and eyeliner are best. If you have paler skin, lighter foundations and eye makeup are best for you. Cosmetics should complement, not overpower skin tones.

Invest quality makeup

While quality makeup can be costly for the wallet, it will show on your skin. Cheap makeup is more likely to stick to your skin or cause it to slide off. Cheap makeup is more likely to stick to the skin, creating a plastic appearance. You should look for high-quality cosmetics, but not necessarily cheap. It is better to invest exclusively in yourself and buy makeup that suits your skin type. There are so many different companies to choose from, you want to make sure you can get the best deal. Looking online at sites such as Rakuten, can provide you with nordstrom discounts which can help save you money on your cosmetics.

Dry Skin

Don't worry if your skin is severely dry. A mousse or creme foundation is the best choice. Make sure your concealer is cream-based. The compact powder should also be pressed powder. Avoid oil-free or loose power formulas, as they can settle on the fine lines of your skin. Silk-textured powders or creme eyeshadows are best for eye makeup. Eyeliners should either be a shimmer pencil or matte. Lipsticks and lip glosses need to be moisturized. Use moisturizing lipstick and a lip gloss with ingredients like vitamin E or aloe vera to add moisture to your lips.

Sensitive skin

Avoid fragrances and products designed for sensitive skin. Another phrase you should look out for is “non-allergenic.” Avoid anything high in dye levels or preservatives.

Combination skin

You have two options: you can choose products that are made for combination skin, or you can choose products that work for all skin types. Normal skin can have areas that are oilier than others. Normal skin might have periods during the month when it becomes oilier than usual.

Oily Skin

If you happen to have very oily skin, you could clean with water wipes and use an oil-free primer before applying a matte foundation. This will ultimately prevent your pores from becoming clogged. To remove shine, blot the skin every day. Avoid creams for eyeshadow or mascara, and stick to creamy-style lip pencils.

Cleanser options

Avoid using harsh, drying, or greasy cleansers. They will cause skin reactions that are not favorable to your skin. A water-soluble cleanser with gentle skincare is the best.

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