How to clean bath tubs: Importance of Maintaining Your Best Bathtub



Who would want to step into a dirty tub for a relaxing bath? I bet no one would. This is why it is recommended that you perform regular bath tub cleaning at intervals. With this effective tip, you will no longer have to spend hours cleaning your bath tub. If you are still looking for some motivation and tricks on how to clean bath tub, then you are at the right spot. In this article, we will spill the beans on the best bath tub cleaners and easy ways on how to clean bath tub. The results will be a strikingly cleaner acrylic bath tub. 

It is no surprise that the bathtub is one of the dirtiest places in the entire house. This is because the bath tub is the space where we wash off all of the dirt and grime after a hectic day at work. The shower curtains and area surrounding it can easily build up on bacteria due to the excess moisture.  A recent study showed that a shower curtain can accumulate an enormous number of microorganisms just after a week of use. These bacteria are known to spread a wide range of infections like skin ulcers, urinary tract infections, pneumonia and so many more. 

However, regular cleaning of the deep bathtubs is an effective way to lower the risks of such diseases. Knowing how to clean bathtub the right way will keep you and your family out of these infections. Additionally, you also need to have the best bathtub cleaner that will give you desired results.  Additionally, you also need to have the best bathtub cleaner that will give you desired results. According to reports and findings by experts, it is recommended that you clean your fiberglass bathtub at least once a week using the best bath tub cleaner. At the same time, it is important that you disinfect the bathroom and do a deep cleaning at least once a month. Use only compatible products in a tub. You can also invest in a portable bathtub that will allow you freedom and convenience. Check here for the best portable bathtub list recommended by

Here we shall list some simple tricks that will help you to clean the porcelain bathtub and maintain them as well. Put your shower curtain in the washing machine for a quick wash. Similarly, other items associated with your bath area like the loofa or bathtub scrubber needs to be tossed out monthly. Since they usually have moisture, they are a good source for breeding bacteria. You may even notice fungi build up which is why they need to be thrown away after a couple of uses. Now, let us look how to clean bathtub the right way. 


Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Clean Bathtub

Every home has a different material deep tub which needs to be cleaned according to the compatible products. Here we shall list down the exact steps on how to clean bathtub quickly and effectively using the best tub cleaner. 

Acrylic Bathtub

If you own an acrylic bathtub, then you need to know that acrylic is a material that is softer than metal bathtub or porcelain tub. They are different from plastic bathtub which is why you need an acrylic bathtub cleaner. Hence, you will need to use nonabrasive and lighter products so that you don’t damage the material. 

Also, we will look into how to remove stains from acrylic bathtub in a quick fashion.

Use a mild tub cleaner or baking soda and generously scatter it all over your bathtub. 

Allow the product to leave on the tub for about 5-10 mins. This trick is for small stains or mild ones in a tub. Baking soda is known to be a good agent in removing stains from acrylic bath tubs.

If you notice tough stains, then all you need to do is to fill the tub with vinegar and hot water. Let it rest for 15 mins or so or until you notice the stains loosening up. Finally, you can drain the water.

Use a different bathtub scrubber or even a towel to scrub the baking soda all over the deep tub. 

Additionally, you can use a brush to clean around the corners. This will make your old bathtub look like new. 

Rinse the bathtub and use a dry towel to wipe down the best bathtub. 


Porcelain Bathtub

The best thing about having porcelain bathtubs is that they are very durable. They not only add a sleek look to your clear bathtub, but also need less of maintenance. Use the best tub cleaner and gentle products that will avoid any kind of damage. 

Combine baking soda, ammonia, and some warm water in a bucket. You can also add a bit of vinegar in bath water while you bathe as that will prevent blockages in the drain.

If you have tough stains, you can add lemon juice and salt in the tub. Allow it to rest for about an hour. Then, scrub the juice and salt onto the stains and watch it disappear. 

You can use a bathtub scrubber or a soft sponge to remove bathtub stains. This can also be used for dishwashing tubs as well. 

Rinse the tub using a bathtub spray and wipe it clean. 

For those wondering on how to remove rust from bathtub, use the salt and lemon juice trick. Alternatively, you can also use baking soda with water. 


Fiberglass Bathtub

Fiberglass is another white bathtub material which is quite a popular one. It is one such material that is commonly found in modern homes today. However, using the wrong tools can cause scratches or dents which is why you need to be careful. 

If you do not know how to clean a fiberglass tub, then these steps are all you need to follow.  

Use the right tub and tile cleaner to prevent damage to your like new bathtub.

For cleaning this type of bathtub, use one-part water and two parts of vinegar in a bottle. It is best to use a spray bottle for this. For how to clean bathroom tile, you can follow the same method. 

Spray the fiberglass tub cleaner on the entire area of the bathtub. Allow it to rest for 5-10 mins. If your tub has tougher stains, then place a towel soaking in baking soda paste and vinegar. Let the towel rest for an hour.

Next, use the towel to scrub the tub. Else, you can use a bathtub cleaning brush for the purpose as well. This can also be used for cleaning bathroom tile too.  In fact, this is the best way to clean shower tile as well as cleaning bath tub drain too. 

Use a microfiber cloth to rinse the black bathtubs. This is how to clean a stained bathtub effectively. You can look for the best cleaner for fiberglass tub online.


Frequently Asked Questions on How to Clean Bath Tub


  • How often to clean bathtub?


It is important that you clean the bathtub at least once a week. This cleaning can include basic bathtub scrub and rinsing. At the same time, make sure that you perform a deep clean at least once a month. You can use baking soda to clean bathtub along with a bathtub sprayer for effective results. This is useful for ceramic bathtub as well. Invest in a good quality tub cleaning brush or tub scrub brush that will allow you to complete your work faster. 



  • Can you clean bathtub with bleach?


Bathtubs tend to have a lot of moisture which leads to bacteria growth as well as stains. Using bleach is a common and effective way of getting rid of orange stains in bathtub. Cleaning bathtub with bleach will not only lighten the stains but will also kill mildew and mold. However, it is recommended that you use bleach in a diluted form rather than simply using it directly. 



  • What is the best bathtub cleaner?


Do you see grime and other pesky stains on the bathtub? Then, choose Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to magically get rid of stubborn stains on your bathtub. They are specially designed for white bathtub and is known to have a good customer response to it.  With Durafoam technology, it easily removes grime and dirt from your bathtub.




There are some simple techniques to remove stubborn stains from your bath tub. Firstly, you can try using a combination of water and baking soda. Apply the paste onto the stains and allow it to rest for a couple of hours. Next, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Dab a towel into the composition and lest it sit for a couple of hours. Finally, rinse it off. Lastly, you can try placing a few layers of microfiber towels over the stain and pour little bit of hydrogen peroxide on it. Allow it to rest before rinsing it off. This is how to clean bathtub in a simple way. 



  • How to remove stains from acrylic bathtub?


Apply baking soda on the stains and let it rest. Next, make a mixture of water and vinegar and pour over the stain affected area. You will see bubbles on the surface after sometime. Now take a scrubber and wipe the stains out. Leave for 15-20 mins and rinse. 



  • Tips on how to keep the tub clean for a long time?


  • Minimize moisture content. Keep the shower fan on while and after you bathe which will dry out excess moisture. 
  • Use a liquid soap instead of a soap bar to avoid the grimy counter.
  • Organize your cabinets and place cosmetics in order. Similarly, keep away bath products in a dedicated shelf.


Conclusion: remove bathtub stains effortlessly

In this article, we have listed out some easy and simple ways to fix your bathtub stains. We have also added some tips on how to clean bathtub effectively using the right products. Do let us know if you found our article helpful. Share your feedback and comments below. 


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