Lobster tail is one of the most popular seafood meals around, and you don't have to go to a restaurant to enjoy it. 

There are many ways to cook them, keep reading to see which is the best way to cook it. 

  1. Boiling

To boil your lobster tail, start out by filling a large pot with enough water to cover your tails, and add any seasonings you might like.

If the lobster tails are frozen, they will need to be completely thawed before cooking. 

Next, bring the water to a boil and gently add the tails one at a time. 

Once all the tails are added into the boiling water, drop the heat and simmer for 3 1/2 minutes uncovered. 

Carefully remove the tails from the water but do not turn it off. You will want to take this time to check one of the tails to see if they are cooked through. Using a knife, cut through the bottom side of the tail where the shell is soft. Then check and see if the meat is completely white with no translucency or grayish coloring. 

If you notice that they are not cooked all the way through, add them back into the water and continue to check at 30-second intervals to avoid overcooking, otherwise, they are ready to serve. 

  1. Grilling

Grilling is another great way to cook your lobster tails, especially if you are looking to get a nice char flavor. 

If your tails are frozen, make sure they are completely thawed before you begin. 

For best results, begin by parboiling the lobster tails, 2 minutes each, in a soft rolling boil. Then remove the tails from the water and insert a metal skewer along the length of the tail to keep it from curling while it cooks. Place the tails on the grill grate with the shell side down. 

Grill the tails on medium heat for approximately 2 to 3 minutes each, check for doneness before serving. 

  1. Baking

If you are looking for a great way to present your lobster tails to some guests, then baking them is the way to do it. 

If you are using frozen lobster tails, have them completely thawed before starting the cooking process. 

Begin by cutting the lobster tail down the center of the shell and stopping at the tail fan. This presentation will look great on a serving dish and is best for baking in the oven.

After rinsing under cold water remove any veins or tomalley and gently work your finger along the shell separating the meat from the shell. 

Heat the oven to 350 degrees and bake until the internal temperature of the tail reaches 140 degrees, cook times vary depending on the size of the tail. 

As the lobster tail cooks the meat will begin to open up over the shell giving it the desirable butterflied look

Are You Ready to Cook Your Lobster Tail?

Lobster tail is an incredibly delicious meal and it is so easy to prepare that it will have you and your family asking to have it time and time again. Get a lobster tail delivery to upscale your favorite recipe, or make any meal an extra special occasion.

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