How to Create a Successful Dating Profile for a Man

What do you put on a dating profile for men? How do you fashion your dating profile so that you get the kind of women you like? These are the questions that plague a single man’s mind before he starts creating a profile on a dating site. 

The goal of many single men on dating sites is to be likable. They want to be able to attract the kind of women they like. To stand a chance on the best mail order bride site, these men have to be strategic when creating their profiles. If their profiles are not convincing enough, they may never get the women they want. 

Even if a man is a great catch, no one will find out if his dating profile does not reflect it. Your great, fun personality would only work in keeping the lady after you have gotten her attention. So, when working on your dating profile, remember that:

Pictures matter

As a man looking to find a wife online, pictures are how you create a great first impression. The lady you are trying to catch will want to see your picture before considering you. You don’t have to have chiseled abs to look attractive. Just ensure that you use a clear, friendly-looking photo representing your personality, or at least the one you aspire to have.

When you go online to find a bride, you have to look good enough for women to find you attractive. If your picture is charming enough, some women may even make the first move. But whether they make the first move or not, the bottom line is that you must learn to take good pictures to make a great first impression.

Authenticity is cool

You may not like to hear this, but women are tired of seeing ‘I love taking a walk with nature’ on your profile. The chances are that the woman you like will love taking long walks in parks too. That is because almost everyone does. So skip that cliche information in your profile.

The characters you are allowed to use in the section for self-description are limited, so use them wisely. Go for something witty and funny instead. Being true to yourself and your passions will make you appear more attractive than when you try to fit in. 

You shouldn’t use too many emojis in your bio

In the beginning, emojis were the rave. They seemed like the ideal way to converse without using words. These tiny graphics still help with communication today, but your profile could probably do without them. Feel free to use them in conversations but nobody wants to see a wink or a tongue emoji on your profile. Using these emojis will make you appear unserious and, subsequently, unappealing.

Your profile should be captivating yet moderate

Yes, you are trying to be the bluefish so that people will notice you in the dating pond. However, this zeal to stand out may come with the pressure to outdo other men. As competitive as the online dating scene is, try to do what comes naturally to you.

Do not fall prey to the concept that you can brag your way into a woman’s heart. Do not try to be spectacular and do something weird like addressing yourself in the third person on your profile. Women can always sense when men are trying too hard from afar, and it never turns them on.

Being expressive beats ambiguity

The women on dating sites won’t spend the entire day ogling at your pictures, and you did not come to the dating site to spectate either. You want something from the ladies, so you need to express yourself. You cannot just make vague statements like ‘looking for a woman’ and expect women to take you seriously. If you have specific kinds of women you want to meet, make it clear. Since you want to get your mail order bride from a site where you can find the best mail order brides, you should be more specific. 

Calls-to-action will help

So, you have described yourself and the woman you want.  But that isn’t all you have to do. You should include statements in your profile that will spur the right women to text you. Such a statement is called a call-to-action (CTA).

Before including a CTA, you should know the reactions you want to get from the ladies. Knowing what you want them to do after viewing your profile will guide your CTA’s tone, diction, and length. Your call-to-action shouldn’t be a cliche sentence like “send me a message”; it should be more specific and unique, like “Send me your favorite part about Paris.”

When you use a CTA wisely, it can also serve as a proper ice-breaker. The response that your sentence evokes in the lady can be the right way to kick off a conversation. It will help the conversation feel more natural and rid you of the awkward ‘hellos.’ 

Final thoughts

Your dating profile determines how long you spend on the dating sites. If you are spending too much time on a dating site without results, your profile is probably not attractive. As a modern man, your profile should get you as much attention as your conversational skills can. Using the tips above can help you create an attractive profile. 


With over 15 years in the industry as a dating coach, Jamie Polsters has helped couples meet and build a lasting happy relationship. He once had a workshop where he helped people meet their significant others. Polsters also works at YourMailOrderBride where he assists people to find the love of their lives while offering guidance on how to get this done. 

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