Cover letters are the most neglected aspect of a job application.

We often think that people are mainly interested in our resume and other data as it provides them a better insight into our experience and skills. While this isn’t a false statement, cover letters are often lost in the shuffle.

No matter what you think, they are very important for any job application. With it, you can introduce yourself properly, talk about your motivation, and present all other relevant insights that you cannot present otherwise with a resume. The greatest benefit of a cover letter is that this is a free-flowing document. Unlike a resume which presents information in a short form, a cover letter gives you much more leeway for expressing yourself. Writing both your resume and cover letter can be difficult tasks though which is why sometimes it is best to reach out to a professional resume service in CA like ARC Resumes, or a similar service wherever you might be based to ensure that your writing reads well and sells your skills to a potential employer. Whether you are applying for your first job or simply applying for a promotion, your resume and cover letter could help you to get a foot in the door.

With all that being said, it is obvious you need an actionable cover letter in order to make a statement and increase the odds of landing a job. Here are some tips that will help you make a perfect cover letter!

  1. You have to use good formatting

First and foremost, you need good formatting. The whole text should be easy to read, with large enough font and with lots of paragraphs to break up the text. This is crucial as recruiters often neglect cover letters that look visually bad.

  1. Pay attention to grammar

Besides its appearance, it also needs to read well. Proper grammar shows that you’re educated but also that you pay attention to details. Once you finish writing the letter, make sure to read it once again in order to find any mistakes and rectify them.

  1. Try to find the person in charge

You should always start the letter by addressing the person in charge directly. There are several reasons why you should do this. First, you need to know who you’re talking too. Otherwise, it may seem sloppy or disrespectful. This also shows you’re interested in the company and you’re willing to make an extra effort. Lastly, it helps you start the conversation the right way.

  1. Give them what they want

All information presented within the cover letter needs to reflect the company’s needs. Basically, you need to show them you have the necessary skills to fill the position, how you would help the organization, and ultimately, why you’re a better choice compared to other candidates. Here, you can drive various points increasing the odds they will call you for an interview.

  1. Learn more about the company

When it comes to the recruitment process, most companies are focused on what they need. That being said, it is very important for candidates to show they have an interest in the business. Make sure to mention the company whenever you can and show that you’ve read about them. This may also indicate you’ve followed their progress over time and are actually in it for the company, no the money.

  1. Call-to-action

Lastly, you need to add call-to-action. Although you may think that presenting all this information is enough, there is more than you can do. Call-to-action is a type of message that provokes people into acting. Whether it’s a link or an indication that they should contact you as soon as possible, this small move increases the odds that the recruiter will call you immediately after reading the cover letter.

Last thoughts

You shouldn’t write a cover letter just because you were asked to do it. Instead, it is a tool that can help you get to the interview phase. Make sure to utilize it to the best of your abilities and you will get an awesome new job in no time!

Author’s bio: PATH Consulting is an Australian owned and operated business providing Resume, Cover Letter and Career Services to the Australian public.

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