How to Create Massive Vape Clouds



Struggling to get those huge vape clouds? Your technique might not be the problem. It could be your vaping equipment. 

Turns out, not all vapes are ideal for blowing a thick cloud. And if you don't have the right tank, coils, battery, airflow, and liquid ratio, you're not going to blow anyone away with your vape tricks.  

If you're really looking to chase those clouds, keep on reading. 

Vape Tank 

When it comes to vape tanks, size does matter. The bigger the tank, the more e-juice you can vaporize at once. 

And for optimal clouds, you want a sub-ohm tank, meaning it has less than 1 ohm. For example, Geekvape has sub-ohm tanks that go as low as .02 ohms. Sub-ohm tanks are primarily known for their low resistance coils, which are a must-have for cloud chasing. 

Coil Resistance 

To create the biggest clouds possible, you need coils with low resistance and a thin build. This allows the coils to heat up faster, which means you will be producing more vapor at a faster rate. 

You'll also encounter both a single and dual coil build. Both coils will do the trick, but the dual coil is the better option for producing more vape smoke. 


If you over-tax your batteries, they could explode. Not kidding. 

So while you want your battery to have lots of power, it also needs the correct discharge rate and voltage for your mod. If you're planning on trying out that sub-ohm tank, you need a battery with a high discharge rate. The rechargeable 18650 batteries are popular among sub-ohms.

And if your mod can be regulated, you can adjust the volts and watts on your battery output to find that sweet spot for optimal cloud production. 


More airflow means more vapor. By providing a consistent flow of air, you are allowing the old, saturated vapor to be pushed out quickly and replaced with new, unsaturated vapor. 

Increased airflow also means that the temperature of your coils remains low and your wick won't burn up. Inhaling vapor from a burnt wick is never fun! So while you won't be tasting as much e-juice flavor, you will be chasing those clouds. 


Along with flavoring and nicotine, E-liquid contains PG and VG. PG (propylene glycol) is an odorless liquid that creates a sharper “throat feel” when you vape. VG (vegetable glycerin) is a chemical that gives a thicker effect to the vapor. 

There are different blends between PG and VG, but having more VG will ensure a denser cloud. The most favorable ratio among cloud chasers is 70 to 30 VG to PG. 

Now Go Blow Some Massive Vape Clouds 

Vape tricks are like a sport, so it's all about practice. Being an expert cloud chaser takes time! But if you get the right equipment and play around with it, you'll be getting those thick vape clouds in no time.  

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