How to decorate your home and make visitors go aww

Your home is your haven. It is that place in which you feel entirely safe and comfy, and there's every reason to beautify it.

The benefits of a beautiful home design go beyond aesthetics. There's a way it affects your mood and well-being, and you just feel eternally glad being in your own space.

And what's more? Working on your home decor will make your first-time visitors unable to resist commenting. They'll go “aww.”

But the question is, “how do you go about your UK home decor to create that awe-inspiring effect?”


1. Figure out your style

Are you a team farmhouse or contemporary? Are you a neutral geek or a trendy hipster?

You want to ascertain what home decorating style you're going for before ever bringing in a piece of furniture or layer of paint. Your style will determine all of that.

If perhaps, you're going for farmhouse design, then your furniture and wall clock up to your chandelier must reflect it. The same thing applies to modern or contemporary decor.


2. Design room by room

While you may have a particular home decorating style in mind, it's a myth to match the designs in every room. You can have a farmhouse living room, a modern kitchen, and a contemporary bedroom.

Also, the easiest way to feel devastated is trying to design all the rooms at once.

Do it one room after the other, and never force yourself to have the same design for all. In short, that can be a bit boring.


3. Neutral colors for the interior painting

Remember to use white or grey for your interior. Such neutral colors do not only allow your statement accessories to stand out but also give you the flexibility to change them anytime. Whether you're switching your black chairs for red, a neutral background would remain perfect.

Additionally, neutral colors will also make your space appear larger. You can also use different shades of the same neutral color for a subtle variation.


4. Living room arrangement: Ensure your sofa talks with your chairs

Whether you're going for a two or three-seater sofa, the best structure is to place the other chairs in front of it and never beside it. A coffee table comes in the middle. There are two ways to go about this, the U-shaped and H-shaped seating arrangements.

For the U-shaped, place the chairs facing each other with the table in between. The arrangement forms a line. Then place the sofa on either side of the line.

For the H-shaped arrangement, the sofa and chairs form the two columns, while the table forms the line that connects them. The two chairs directly face the sofa. Loveseat beds sale , are going on now and looking into getting one will add a place for someone to sleep/ 

These seating arrangements are perfect for group conversations.

Also, putting the furniture in the middle of your living room will make it look more spacious and organized than when they're glued to the walls.


5. Run artwork across the walls

Nothing makes a statement piece more than a large piece of artwork decorating your walls. It's beauty without flaw! And it brings a sense of luxury.

But you don't have to go purchase a 50 thousand dollar Rembrandt painting. You can contact any photos on canvas UK company to bring those panoramic pictures on your phone to life. That 5-inch panoramic photo on your iPhone can become a 6-foot long artwork on your wall without losing any quality.

One more thing; it is never a good idea to hang small-sized artworks too high up a wall. It should be at eye level. Also, if the wall is large, use an oversized panoramic piece for the most stunning effect. You can also symmetrically group smaller frames without spacing them apart too much.


6. Use different lighting types for every room

For that romantic, sensational appeal, every room should have three kinds of lighting: ambient, for general illumination; task, for illuminating specific points, such as a reading table or kitchen island; and accent, for that colorful warmth.

Your ambient lighting in the living room should have more capacity than those in other smaller rooms. One fanciful trick is using uplights that shoot their glow across the wall to the ceiling, making the room seem a tad bigger.


7. Paint your front door to stand out

Your home's front view is your chance to create a great first impression. Your exterior painting will likely be a bright color, most often white or grey. To make your front door stand out, paint it with some other color. Blue, red, or yellow will definitely make a statement piece.

Some people even attach significance to a door's color. For some, a red door means welcome; some associate orange and yellow with joy and warmth.

If your door is old-fashioned, you want to replace it with a contemporary storm door with a screened panel.


8. Matching colors

One brilliant home decor trick that never gets old is matching certain accessories within the space. For starters, your curtains could be of the same color (or maybe a shade different) as your rug and beddings. Furniture pieces should also go together. Although this can seem too plain, it makes your space appear more organized.

If you've got dated fixtures in your kitchen whose colors feel too odd and mismatched, reinvent them by spraying with white paint.


9. Elevate the height of your walls

Higher ceilings often seem more appealing. If yours is low, paint it white and hang your curtains high above the windows — let them reach the ceiling.

This visual effect will trick any eye into thinking the ceiling is higher than it really is.


10. Remove the clutter

Go around each room, clean out your closet, bookshelves, and dispose of any condemned home accessory.

Arrange the books properly on the shelves and see how different the look becomes. If you need more space, stack books horizontally in vertical rows to optimize space.

However, after staying years in your home, it's easy for your eyes to get used to the mess over time. You wouldn't realize how many things ought to be thrown away or replaced. Sometimes, you only need a fresh pair of eyes.

Invite a friend over and ask them to look around your living room to spot anything that feels out of place.


Now that you see how simple decorating your home is, go ahead, choose your style, and implement it piece after piece.

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