Furniture for kids: how to decorate a room with climbing furniture by BumbleBee Smart

How to decorate your kids room with Climbing Furniture

Emmy Pickler, a pediatrician from Hungary, managed to create conditions for the healthy development of children. Her technique provides for independence and freedom in the movements of the baby. If you do not rush things, then the baby himself will turn over on his tummy, reach for the toy, crawl and take the first steps. Pickler furniture for kids is the embodiment of this approach.

What is Climbing furniture?

It is Pikler furniture that assists the physical development of the child. We are happy to offer you a Pickler triangle, a cube, and an arch, which can come with the climbing ramps. Your child can climb on them separately, or you can install the whole set to entertain for a long time!

How to decorate a kid's room with a Pikler triangle?

Pickler triangle is a piece of climbing furniture that takes up a minimum of space but brings tremendous benefits. It can be painted in bright color and will look good in any room. BumbleBee Smart makes all furniture with ECO-friendly and non-allergic materials that are safe for your kid's room.


Is the Pikler triangle worth it?

The design of the climbing triangle allows the kid to easily see his feet and control the movements of the legs (in contrast to the straight wall bars). Thanks to its low height, the Pikler triangle is safe — yet gives such a great opportunity to feel the risk. The triangular shape allows the child to learn how to plan movements, hold on and climb over the top, and change the body position. Thus, thanks to this simulator, children strengthen the grip of hands, improve gross motor skills, the accuracy of leg movement, the understanding of the location of your body in space, the coordination of the work of arms, legs, vision, and improves a sense of balance. It is one of a few things that help to prevent the development of children's flat feet — a common problem nowadays.

What age is a Pikler triangle for?

The optimal period for using the Pickler triangle is from one to four years. You can buy it earlier, but it will be difficult for a child to climb the triangle, especially for one who is just starting to walk.

What kind of climbers do we – BumbleBee Smart store – have?

There are different types of climbing furniture for kids besides the Pickler triangle.


Climbing Cube

The Pickler cube is specially made according to the interests and abilities of the baby. Specialists recommend it for children from 6 months. The different sides make the cube a multifunctional simulator and a favorite place to climb and play hide and seek.

Pickler arch

Children of any age need to stimulate the vestibular apparatus. Just watch how they like to spin in one place or swing on the merry-go-rounds. Climbing Arch is the rocker that, first of all, is aimed at the development of the vestibular apparatus, motor functions, and coordination. And if you use it as a balancer, then there is an additional effect on the cerebellum, which is also responsible for the emotional and mental components. After all, movement is not only physical activity but also the development of physiological and intellectual abilities. Secondly, the rocking arches playfully increase imagination and fantasy due to their versatility. Also, just the process of swaying soothes, and kids love it!

Sets of climbing furniture

If you have a spacious house, and you do not know what to decorate the kid's room with, we can offer you to order a set of climbers for kids (cube + arch + ramps). You can install it both in the house and in the backyard.

Now you know what Pikler furniture is — the educational and beneficial for physical development toys that will not only collect dust like many others. Present your child with a toy that he will love for many years!

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