Are you trying to figure out how to do vape tricks? If yes, you should check out our guide here detailing some easy tricks to learn.

According to Euromonitor, there will be 55-million vaping Americans by 2021. That's a big increase from the 41-million vapers in 2018, proving how much Americans love the hobby. Vaping isn't just for those quitting smoking — it's also for the casual consumer looking to chase clouds and pull off the coolest tricks.

If you're wondering how to do vape tricks, but you can't get the hang of it, we're here to help. Below is a guide on some easy vape tricks anyone can pull off with a little practice.

The Vape Ring

The classic vape ring, or “O”, is the starting point for most vape tricksters. It's simple enough to pull off.

First, take a big hit of your vaporizer and keep the vapor in your mouth. Put your tongue flat against the bottom of your mouth, and towards the back. Pout your lips outward like you're going to say “oh”, and slowly release the smoke from your mouth.

You can make a small O with a small exhale, or a long one with a large exhale. Doing this in front of a mirror is ideal, as it will help you master the trick. Once you've got that down, you can move on to the double or “split O”.

The Double Ring

This one is performed like the vape ring, but with one extra step.

Take a big hit, position your tongue like before, and pout your lips out in the “O” shape. Before exhaling, however, put your finger up to your lips as if you're about to shush someone. Slowly exhale your vapor and watch as you create two O's instead of one!

This one takes a lot of practice to perfect but is one of the coolest twists on the classic vape ring. 

The Cup O' Vape

Perhaps even easier than the ‘O', this is a great vape trick to pull out at a party.

All you need is your trusty vape, like the ones from, and a cup. The trick is typically done with a plastic cup, but any will do.

Set your cup up on a table. Take as big a hit of vapor as you can and hold it in your mouth. Now, very slowly blow the vapor into the cup and observe as it fills like you're pouring a drink.

To finish the trick off, pour the cup of vapor out onto the table and watch it dissipate. If that doesn't impress your friends at the next party, nothing will.

The Vapor Bubble

Despite what you might think, blowing bubbles is not just for kids anymore.

For this trick you'll need an empty water bottle, some dish soap, and a bowl. Start by cutting the top third off the water bottle. Dispose of the bottom half and keep the top half for the trick.

Find a bowl that you can press the wide end of the cut water bottle into and fill it with dish soap. Add a little bit of water and you'll get something that looks like bubble soap. Dip the wide end of the water bottle into the solution until you can see a film of soap covering it like a bubble wand.

Now, take a big hit off your vape, hold the vapor, and carefully lift the top of the bottle to your lips. Slowly blow the vapor into the water bottle spout, toward the soap. If done with enough care, this will create a vapor-filled bubble!

This requires a steady hand and blow more than anything. The only thing cooler than seeing the vapor bubble float off is seeing it burst.

The Snap Inhale

The snap inhale, also known as the ghost, is an addicting and cool looking vape trick.

First, take a hit of your vape and hold the vapor for a few seconds. Push the vapor out in one big ball with a short exhale. Then, inhale the vapor ball back into your mouth before it can float off.

They call it “the ghost” because of the way the vapor looks as it exits your mouth. It should appear as a thick, uniform cloud of vapor. You want all the vapor to come out in one distinct cloud so you can suck it all back in fast.

Once you get the hang of this one, you'll find yourself doing it without even thinking.

The French Inhale

Once you've got the snap inhale down, it's time to move onto the French inhale. This trick sees you expelling vapor from your mouth into your nostrils.

Take a big hit of vapor and hold it in your mouth. You can bring your tongue to the back of your mouth to make this easier. It effectively blocks your throat.

Open your mouth slowly and let the vapor seep upwards — do not exhale or blow. Position your lower lip forward to encourage an upward seep. Try to put your lower lip out to about the same length as your nose.

You can move your tongue forward to push the vapor out a little easier, but take it slow. Now, breathe in through your nose as the vapor seeps up towards it. You'll re-inhale the vapor through your nostrils.

A mirror will help you perfect your form. The mouth position and inhaling through the nose take some practice. Once you've got it, though, it really is one of the coolest looking and most impressive tricks to pull out anywhere you may be.

The Key to Learning How to Do Vape Tricks

If you want to learn how to do vape tricks like the ones above, it's all about practice. Even vape tricks for beginners take practice to make perfect! Set yourself up in front of a mirror, or ask a friend to help you out. 

You'll be pulling off the best vape tricks in no time!

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