Apple cider is a beverage that is unsweetened and non-alcoholic. In contrast to apple juice, cider is unfiltered or unpasteurized. It is usually kept cold and consumed within a couple of weeks. When the cider is heated, the temperature causes a certain change in the texture, flavor, and color of the cider, resulting in an apple juice.

Apple cider is known to have numerous benefits and for one, it can improve your digestion. It can also help you regulate your body’s blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Some even consume apple cider to lose weight. It is relatively easy to make homemade apple cider, just follow the steps below.

  1. Choose your ingredients

The first thing that you need to do to come up with a sweet and tart apple cider is to pick the right apples. Thereby, make sure to have a mix of red and green apples. The red apples will contribute to the sweetness of the cider, while the green apples will give the tangy flavor. Thus, if you intend a sweeter flavor, use more red apples.

    2. Prepare the fruits

Once you have carefully chosen the apples that you are going to use, the next step is for you to prepare the fruits. Wash and clean them thoroughly and remove any bruised or damaged parts. After which, cut the apples into quarters, leaving the skin for an enhanced color and more flavor. You can also cut them into smaller pieces as necessary.

   3. Extract the juice

Using a fruit press

There are several ways on how you can process the apples to come up with the perfect cider. One is by using a fruit press. The fruit presses available at Simply Cider Presses come in different models but most include a grinder. With a grinder, it will be easier to crush apples and other hard fruits, in preparation for pressing. Nevertheless, you can always chop up the apples into smaller chunks before pressing. Once your ground apple or small apple chunks are ready, just place them into the fruit press and use your force to extract the juice.

Using a food processor

You can also use a food processor to make apple cider. Place the cut apples into the food processor and turn your appliance on. Process the fruits until you achieve the consistency of an apple sauce. Afterwards, get a cheesecloth and squeeze the pureed apple, saving its juice in a bowl or container. You can even use the back of a spoon to make sure that you press all the juice out.

Once you have your cider, make sure that you keep it refrigerated and consume it within a couple of weeks.

To wrap things up, making homemade apple cider is quite easy. You just need to pick the right apples to come up with the taste that you prefer, whether you are leaning more towards a sweeter flavor or otherwise. After which, you just need to prepare the fruits and extract its juice using a fruit press or a food processor and you will have your homemade apple cider.  

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