It is vital to maintain your AC to save you money besides ensuring a long and effective service provided by the device. Such energy savings and extended lifespan help you further save money. To make your AC operate at the highest efficiency levels, you need to maintain it properly by paying regular attention. The following tips will help you with this:

Close All Doors And Windows

You need to ensure that all doors and windows remain closed before you switch on the AC unit. The seasoned experts at point out that this is the most crucial step you need to take to make sure that your home cools quickly and effectively. The additional air in the house resulting from air circulation through open doors and windows makes your AC unit work much harder to ensure adequate cooling.

A good thing you can do while using your AC is to turn on the ceiling fans. Fans help in air circulation and make the AC’s work easier. It is also beneficial to pull in curtains and blinds as dark rooms are more straightforward to cool than those full of sunlight.

Ensure That There Are No Window Gaps Or Attic Leaks

In case there are any leaks in your house, you need to plug them. It is common to find leaks in attics, and you should check you for any. If you come across any leaks, use batt insulation or spray insulation to block them. Your machine can cool with ease if you can stop leaks.

Set A Base Temperature For Your Thermostat

Changing thermostat temperature often is one sure and easy way to surge your energy bills. However, something it is almost sure that you don’t want to do. It is a far better idea to set one thermostat temperature and leave the settings alone. If your AC unit has to change the temperature often, it will wear down faster besides consuming more power.

Ensure That The Condenser Remains Clean

Another common cause that might make your AC work far harder than what it has to is having the condensers blocked. Consider moving things like plants two feet away from condensers to facilitate air movement. If you indeed have plants around your condensers, then proper landscaping is a necessary activity.

Condensers that are too close to your house may have gutters filled with debris. In such cases, you must clean them too. Keeping your home neat and clean will help not only ACs but also other devices to work better.

Regularly Change AC Filters

The AC unit, too, has a filtration system like the furnace. Make it a point to keep this clean, which will keep the indoor air pure and fresh. Change the AC filters monthly. The more frequently you replace filters, the better it is for you as it means that the filtration will be more efficient.

Don’t Meddle With The Vents

Most central AC unit types have some sort or registers or vents in your home. When you open and close vents, it puts an enormous amount of load on your AC unit. Such loads will result in your AV burning out faster if it does not indeed result in irreparable damage.

Final Thoughts

To maintain your AC correctly and ensure the device’s smooth functioning, you must take care of it. You can do some things by yourself, while others might, at times, require professional help. The tips mentioned here should help you keep things comfortable. Cheers to a cool life!

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