How to find the best Florist near me

As your big day approaches, reality catches up with you. You have a dream of how your float setup should be, but you have not yet settled on a florist. You have heard and witnessed success and failure stories from your friend’s weddings. You want yours to be an impeccable wedding with elegant blooms.

Choosing an affordable florist near me is equally complicated as selecting a spouse. There's no industry standard checklist to sort the affordable florists near me from a mediocre florist. This post has metrics you can use to create your custom florist screening method.


Communication is what makes or breaks the floral set up at your wedding. Good florists recognize the essence of timely communication. Rapid response to your needs coupled with clarification signifies you are dealing with a professional florist.

During peak seasons, florists usually have a lot on their plates. However, that shouldn’t be an excuse for unclear and late communication. If you have to send a follow-up email to your flower vendor of choice, then end the arrangement immediately.

Scope of services

A full bloom set up for a wedding involves matching flowers with the themes getting the perfect centerpiece, boutonnieres, and corsages. To achieve the excellent flower gamut, your florist needs to accompany fresh stalks with candle holders, vases, and complimentary décor. A florist who offers a comprehensive range of services has a curated eye required to will your wedding vision into life. Getting a scope of service beforehand will also aid you in developing a tentative holistic budget for the floral arrangement.

Pictures tell a thousand words

Don't take the florist's words as gospel truth. You need to see it to believe it. Florists that display photos of their past works are confident in their style. You need an experienced florist with photos you can draw inspiration from and also decide if the florist’s style suits you.


The make or break aspect of your floral vision. Sometimes you are tight on cash and ask, “Where do I find an affordable florist near me?” The right question you should be asking is, “Do they provide value for money?” Professional florists charge reasonable fees for statement-making flower designs, while shady florists will inflate the price and leave you stranded on your wedding day.

Actionable advice

Sometimes the designs before pricing seem reasonable. But once you see the quotation, things are bound to change if you are significantly working on a tight budget. A good florist offers you actionable advice on how to impress your guests with alternative flowers that keep the cost in line. They also refer you to their partners who offer better rates for your place cards to reduce unnecessary expenses. The personalized attention from a florist shows you they are passionate about delivering the best to your wedding.


The floral market is not short of florists. You may have already settled for one before reading this post. However, explore a few options before you sign on the dotted lines. Once settled on the ideal florist, use the metrics herein to determine if they are the best in the business. Do not leave your wedding's floral setup to chance.


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