How to Find the Perfect Wedding Ring When Renewing Your Vows


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Renewing your vows is an act of renewing your love for one another. Some people choose to do this to celebrate milestone anniversaries while others might renew their vows after they’ve made it through a challenging time in their marriage. 

If you choose to exchange new rings at your vow renewal, consider choosing something unique that will stand out. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect ring for vow renewals. 

Think Unique

Some people choose to use their original bands and have something new made. Other couples just use their old rings. However, you’re renewing your vows so why not symbolize it with a new ring set as well? 

Companies like Alpine Rings have some really awesome unique styles, including men’s hammered wedding bands that almost have an antique look to them. They are stylish and not the traditional look that a new bride and groom will typically use. 

For a vow renewal, or even a wedding, you don’t have to use the same traditional styles that everyone else uses. You and your significant other can choose something new and unique.

Keep it simple or have fun choosing dream rings. Maybe now is the time to choose those rings you couldn’t afford before! 

Try Gem Accents

There are certainly diamond rings that you can use for vow renewals. Chances are, that’s what you have in your original set. Why not step out from the traditional diamond and try a gorgeous gemstone to add some color to your piece? 

You could use a gemstone that coordinates with the month of your anniversary or you can just choose something that is a color and style you absolutely love. 

No one says you have to get rid of your original bands. You can wear your renewal ring and keep your original rings as well if you like. 

If you’re really attached to your old rings but still want a new ring, consider having the old rings altered in some way to make them different but still keep your original set. 

It’s All About You

We can advise you all day long on what you should do to choose a wedding ring for your vow renewal but in the end, it’s up to you. Will you choose to exchange new rings at all? 

Will you use something traditional or find something authentic and unique? This is your celebration. You and your significant other should discuss what you want to do when it comes to the ring and make a decision based on your own desires. 

It’s really easy to get caught up in whatever everyone else says you should try or do. You can take all of those recommendations under advisement but you should choose something special for you. 

Make it Special

We recommend that you do something to make your vow renewal special. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or you simply felt it was a good time to renew your vows, this is a big deal. It’s an accomplishment. 

When it comes to the rings, do something special for both of you. This is the occasion where some people choose to actually customize their rings or possibly even have them engraved. This is unique and it’s a timeless action that people can appreciate long after you are gone. 

Making it special doesn’t always require spending a ton of money. You just need to be able to stand with each other, exchange rings and renew vows, and walk away enjoying your announcement of renewed love for each. It’s a statement from the event to the ring and everything in between.

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