How to Find the Right Plus Size Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress is one of the most important dresses a woman will ever wear. Finding the right dress that fits well can be challenging for some brides. Women who wear plus-sizes can find it helpful to determine what dress silhouettes work best for their body type. Keep reading for tips on finding the perfect plus-size wedding dresses for that special day.

Follow Instincts

When brides try to find plus size wedding dresses, they should look for one that fits literally and emotionally. Brides should feel comfortable wearing something they love, whether sexy and slinky or elegant and classic. It should represent their style and personality as well as fit the planned wedding. Plus-size brides should settle for what’s available in a store near them. They deserve to look beautiful as much as anyone.

Do Some Research

In addition to general wedding research, plus-size brides should research bridal lines with larger sizes. When they discover a designer they like who makes plus-size dresses, they can reach out to the designer and find a list of boutiques that keep their dresses in stock. It can also help to request photographs of dresses on real brides to see how the dress looks on the big day.

Sometimes, it is worthwhile to visit a bridal chain store that carries many plus-size dresses. Brides can try many styles and fabrics to find what interests them the most. They can then search out unique styles online or at boutiques.

Look for a True Fit

Many brides try to squeeze into a dress they hope they can wear by the wedding day. It’s best to buy a dress that looks great at the time of purchase. Professionals often suggest choosing a size that best fits the largest body part. If a bride loses weight before the wedding, the dress can be altered and customized to fit.

Silhouette and Fabric Types

It can be challenging to find plus-size wedding dresses that are flattering. Silhouettes like A-line, mermaid, ball gown, and sheath dresses look beautiful in both regular and plus-sizes. Floor-length gowns and v-necklines help elongate the body. Dresses with halter tops and off-the-shoulder styles can highlight the back and shoulders. However, a bride should feel free to try all types of silhouettes to find the perfect dress.

Supportive fabrics, like satin and mikado, provide a structured fit. Lighter weight organza and chiffon give a more relaxed feel and look.

Where to Find a Plus-Size Gown

Bridal salons usually carry a selection of plus-size gowns. They are also able to measure to determine proper sizes for ordering purposes. If visiting a bridal salon in person, brides should call ahead to make an appointment. An appointment ensures personal attention and the best customer service. Of course, some online retailers offer many beautiful plus-size dresses at many price points.

Custom-Made Bridal Boutiques

Brides that cannot find the perfect dress can consider having one made. A custom-made dress usually begins at $2,500 and goes up from there. Ordering a custom gown means the bride gets exactly what she wants, with the design, fabric, and all the details.

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. Plus-size brides are no exception. Utilize these tips to find the perfect dres

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