How to find unique gifts for him?



Finding the perfect gift can be very difficult, especially if it’s for your husband, dad, or another male friend in your life. Here are some ideas that won’t just please your man—they’ll also help you look good in front of him!

Sporty Gifts

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts for him, there are all sorts of things that your husband might find enticing. Gift ideas could include a skydiving experience or tickets to see his favorite sports team in action. And don’t forget about gift cards and certificates for popular stores or restaurants—especially if you think he could use some new clothes!

Traditional Birthday Gift Ideas for Male Friends

Your friends deserve more than a gift card! Giving gifts for friends birthday is a way to show them you care, and make their day even more special. Choose an item that represents your friendship and be sure to write a sweet birthday message on it. If you have trouble thinking of gifts for a friend’s birthday, check out these ideas for presents:

  • Tickets to Concert or Sports Event: You can get tickets from Ticketmaster, StubHub or other ticketing sites online. You can also buy tickets directly from venues like Madison Square Garden if you want to avoid service fees. 
  • Movie Night Gift Card: This one is simple and easy – just pick up a gift card at your local movie theater or big box store like Target or Walmart. For example, a fun board game they’ve been wanting; a tie or socks with unique designs; some new DVDs they’ve been dying to see; art supplies; sports equipment like golf clubs, skis or baseball gear. 
  • Book Them Their Next Trip: If you know your male friend has been itching to travel somewhere specific (or any destination), consider gifting him plane tickets there as his birthday present.

Daddy's Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday gifts for dad from daughter are always a challenge. As a dad, you want something special, but nothing too extravagant. We've rounded up unique gifts for dads that can help make your birthday shopping simple and fun! Check out our Top 3 gift ideas for him below:  

  • Book of Life: This beautiful book features 100 famous men with birthdays in 2016, along with facts about their lives and achievements. It's not just for fathers; we recommend it as a gift for grandfathers, uncles or any male figure in your life who has been an inspiration to you. 
  • Keepsake Photo Frame: Displaying photos of loved ones is one way to honor someone on his birthday, so why not get creative? Instead of having photos printed onto a photo frame, why not take advantage of technology and display them on a digital screen? 
  • A Personalized Gift: Do you have an idea for a great present but aren't sure if he'll like it? Personalize it! The best part about personalized gifts is that they're truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're making customized mugs, phone cases or even cutting boards, he'll be able to use these gifts every day without seeing anyone else with anything similar.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

The perfect anniversary gift for your husband is a matter of personal preference, but you can’t go wrong with any of these four ideas: From personalized mugs to his-and-hers leather goods and cufflinks, here are some great wedding anniversary gifts for him: 

  • Customized Mugs – This simple idea can be very romantic. A Made in X Years mug from My Wonderful Life will show how much time has passed since you said I do. 
  •  Leather Goods – Leather goods make great wedding anniversary gifts for men because they last forever and make everyday items like wallets look luxurious. Men have always loved watches, so a unique watch like those from Swiss Legend will always be appreciated. 
  • Jewelry – Whether it’s gold or silver, all jewelry looks elegant on a man. Give him something he will love wearing all year long—like a bracelet or necklace—or add to his collection with another ring (perhaps one made of gold).

Cufflinks – These timeless accessories never go out of style and work well as wedding anniversary gifts for men who enjoy dressing up. You can even get creative by finding matching sets that express your feelings toward each other.

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