TV or television has become a common household appliance from door to door. In every house, we can see at least one television nowadays. Now, these televisions work on antennas, satellites, and cables. Without such installations and wirings, we cannot experience its views. So, the correct placement of antennas and cables is necessary so that they can catch signals in the form of electromagnetic waves that are transformed into pictorial outlook and served through television.

Now, we know that electronic gadgets cannot give a durability guarantee. As TV antennas, cables, being electronic accessories can create troubles while working. There are various reasons for such problems. To learn more check this article; it will tell you about some of the common TV antenna reception problems and their way out.

We know that calling a TV antenna installation man for solving some petty connection problems means a waste of money for no reason. So to skip that thing, we can apply some handy way-outs to resolve the matters by ourselves. The following is a list of some of such way outs:

  1.    Fixing cables of the antennas by black tapes:

Broken cables or damaged cables are common technical faults that are seen widely. If your TV has stopped showing any channels, then you can check the wires. That might have been broken. This problem may occur both inside and outside your house. Well, it is relevant that the cables can be damaged from outside, otherwise from inside.

Anyone can solve this kind of problem. You have to tape the wire tightly using black tape on the damaged part or, if necessary, can change the cable.

2) Positioning the antenna in the right direction:

The problem might seem to be stupid to common people, but according to science, TV signals through which you watch TV shows depend hugely on the right position of the antenna. Sometimes, due to external hindrances, the TV signals get distorted.

In such cases, it is important to detect the wrong position of the antenna and place it in the correct direction. So, if we do not give attention to the right placement of antenna according to broadcasting towers, then it will create problems midway.

3) Know the right time to upgrade antennas:

The main enemy of electromagnetic waves has always been lousy weather conditions. As TV signals are also electromagnetic waves, they also get disturbed during the rainy season or whenever cloudy weather appears.

Even older antennas are more susceptible to the bad weather. They get affected much. So if you have old antennas, you must upgrade it by new ones to curtail the connection problems.  Getting helo from  tv installation north Brisbane will get your tv working,

4) Radio tuning causes better antenna functions:

Radio signals are also electromagnetic waves. We have often seen that when a radio is taken closer to a TV antenna, the TV shows get disrupted. This happens due to the overlapping of two different electromagnetic waves. So when the radio was brought closer to the antenna, overlapping of radio signals and TV signals occur.

This can be avoided if we take the radio away from the antenna, by lowering the output signals of the radio. Also, by performing some other settings, this can be solved.


Through this article, we can become aware of the fact that TV antennas can create troubles, and we have to be cautious while its installation, and even when it is being used. Apart from those problems, there are many other problems which may arise. Whenever you face any such problem, before calling a maintenance man, try to solve it by yourself. It will save money and time both.

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