If you’re looking for a classic sport to get into this year, we’d absolutely recommend taking a look at pool. Pool is a traditional game that can be a lot of fun for players of all ages. Families all around the world have pool tables to play with at home, and it’s played in bars globally as well.


People who already play pool will know that this is a game that requires practice and dedication above all else. It’s all well and good playing a few rounds with your friends at the bar, but if you’re looking to really polish up your game, there are a few key practice techniques that are absolutely essential for you to try out. Pool Cue guide by Minibaronline will help you, to pick the best cue. 


Here, we’ve collected our top pieces of advice relating to pool perfectionism for you to take a look at this year. We’ve gone over everything from equipment and technique, to timing and companionship, to help you perfect your game in 2020.


Make sure you put the time in


To start off with, it’s worth stating the most obvious tip when it comes to playing pool. You’re going to need to put the time in. This may be a frustrating thing to hear, but there’s no ‘quick fixes’ for acing matches or perfecting shots. You’re going to need to put in constant practice time to make sure that you’re on top of your game.


One of the best ways to make sure that you’re practicing effectively is to set aside time each week to work on your game. If you’ve got a nearby bar or a dedicated space at home where you can play, this will make it even easier.


Take apart your game bit by bit


When practicing pool, it’s important to take your game apart bit by bit. This will allow you to reflect on your current skills, and to work on drills that will take your game to the next level. Spend some time going over your current skills, and figure out what you need to work on.


One of the main things that people need to work on to improve their pool game is their stance. Improving your stance during a practice session can mean making the way you play more efficient i.e. getting the cue tip closer to the ball, and making it more comfortable for you during a match as well.


Working on your swing, your stroke and your hold can be equally as important, and as pointed out by Purewater Pool, it’s important to practice this as many times as you can. Repetition is the key for getting the finer details perfected.


Find a friend to practice with


To make your practice sessions feel less draining or repetitive, we’d suggest finding someone to practice with. Do you have a friend you can bring to the bar to play pool with? Is there someone at home who can practice with you? This can help to make your practice sessions much more enjoyable, and to take the potential boredom out of sessions.


Make sure you’re using top quality equipment


A final thing that's very important to look at when you’re trying to improve your pool game is the equipment that you’re using. Of course, equipment isn’t everything when it comes to a pool game, but it can make things a lot smoother and quicker.


Pool cues are a particular area of focus when it comes to buying great pool equipment online. For some inspiration, we’d recommend taking a look at this handy product guide.




It may take some time and practice to get to the place where you want to be as a pool player, but it is undoubtedly worth it. Being able to ace every match and compete on a new level can be very rewarding, and it can be a lot of fun as well.


If you’ve never played pool before, why not consider giving it a go this year? It’s a simple game to get into, and it can be a great hobby to share with loved ones as well.


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