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Money is the answer to everything in GTA 5. Real estate is worth millions, and it brings mere pennies in profit. For a comfortable life in Los Santos, you need to go through the story with the maximum benefit for yourself, if you do not want to spend hours on the exchange, which does not react in any way to your actions outside the missions. Instead, you can find original and easy money-making option exploring GTA 5 money online PS4 opportunity. However, if you still decide to use every possible in-game means, the following tips could come in handy in different situations.

Endless money opportunities from good old-fashioned heists

The essential thing that should be remembered is leaving the kill missions from Lester (except for the two plot ones) for later. Make them after completing the story. And try to spend as little as possible, as the more money you save, the higher the profit gain. This guide will only help if you are starting a new playthrough as you can replay missions in GTA V, but it will not bring additional money. With the seeming freedom of choice of your team, there is the most optimal way to staff it in such a way as to complete the task by paying partners as little as possible. Several good heist examples are outlined below.

The Jewel Story Job

Taking Ricky, who was fired from Lifeinvader with you, gives you enough time to collect all the jewelry in the store. A more experienced hacker will provide more time than necessary, and, naturally, he will ask for a bigger jackpot. As a shooter, an old acquaintance of Packie will suit, since he will work the same way as Gustavo Mota, but will ask for 2% less for his services. To discover Patrick, you need to complete the random Getaway Driver quest, in which he robs a store near Franklin's shack and looks for a driver to escape.

If you hire Norm Richards as a shooter, he is guaranteed to break during the chase, and you will lose some of the looted jewelry. Although the game will give you the opportunity to pick up his bag of loot by driving over it, it is better not to risk it. Plus, Norm will come in handy for your final heist, where he'll help you earn an extra 5% of the proceeds, so keep him alive for now. 

Driver Karim Denz will make the chase a little more difficult, as he will have to evade pursuit on road bikes, but this does not affect the amount of loot, and his competitor, Eddie Toh, asks for 6% more.

The Paleto Score

During this robbery, you will lose money every time you get shot in the back. Start with a bit over 8 million bucks and, if you're good enough, leave the team over eight million. Packie McReary and Chief are the most beneficial as possible partners (Packie has a slight advantage in stats if you took him on the first heist) since they both will do their job just as well as Gustavo Mota, but take 2% less.

If you choose Norm Richards, he will be run over and pushed against the wall by a police car. You will be forced to leave him and lose a third of the money stolen if you do not pick up the bag of the murdered accomplice. Better save the Norm for the last heist, as it was suggested above. A similar situation will happen with another cheap shooter Daryl Johns. Therefore, it is also not recommended to use him for now.

If you will develop your own moneymaking strategy based on the advice mentioned above, you could earn more than two billion dollars for each of the heroes. And this is certainly more than enough to buy luxurious real estate, rare cars, and military equipment. Having fun will all these “toys for millionaires” will undoubtedly make the game experience brighter and more interesting.

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